Ink and CertiK Collaborate to Enable the Formal Verification for the Ink Cross-chain Protocol

The CertiK platform is a company that specializes in formal verification framework for building secure smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems. Ink will cooperate with CertiK to conduct a comprehensive formal verification for Ink’s cross-chain smart contracts and program testing to enhance security. Both companies are dedicated to making Ink cross-chain smart contract and the Ink blockchain ecosystem more reliable and secure.

CertiK, World-class Protector for the Smart Contract

The CertiK team compromises world-class formal verification experts from Yale University, Columbia University and the Silicon Valley. CertiK has world- leading techniques on the formal verification framework that is considered a breakthrough in enhancing the security level of smart contracts and the blockchain. In addition, CertiK is the most competitive smart contract verification service provider.

The CertiK team will conduct complete formal verification of Ink’s cross-chain smart contract and provide detailed report on code auditing. The formal verification will detect, fix and upgrade the security of Ink cross-chain smart contract. Ink is determined to provide the best protection for its investors digital assets and keep building a safer Ink ecosystem.

State-of-the-Art Security for Smart Contract

CertiK converts the smart contract into a mathematical model and attempts to mathematically prove that smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems are bug-free and hacker-resistant.

The CertiK platform will detect the security loophole of the open-source code, generate the related report and notify the developers. It will help prevent security breach of the smart contract before launching the platform and enhance its reliability, making the platform hacker-resistant.

On behalf of Ink, CertiK will conduct a comprehensive formal verification through the following steps:

  1. Upload the selected smart contract to the CertiK platform, mark the code that needs to be tested, and start testing;

2. CertiK generates the verification report immediately, gives a reliability index of the smart contract and then provides a detailed solution;

3. Developers will fix the security issue based on the CertiK reports and conduct repeated tests.

When the smart contract reaches 100 points on CertiK’s security rating, the formal verification is considered complete. This process will enhance the reliability and security of the smart contract.

Ink partnered with CertiK to conduct a comprehensive formal verification of Ink Cross-chain Protocol with the aim to enhance the security of digital assets, provide reliability and security for the cross-chain protocol, as well as build a trustworthy Ink ecosystem.

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