Ink Pre-sale is Coming to Town!

The long-awaited pre-sale of Ink will finally start in just two days. As one of the most anticipated ICOs of the year, the Ink Team has been travelling the world to put up road shows to introduce their ground-breaking Sovereign Consortium Blockchain, IP Asset Exchange platform and Ink Cross-chain platform. The team started from a roadshow in Seoul and soon moved to Singapore. The trip will be followed by Silicon Valley, London and Toronto to make a mark for Ink in various major cities of the world.

The Ink solution offers infinite possibilities to creators, developers and investors. It provides a trusted consortium blockchain solution for regional use cases and the infrastructure for a decentralised Creative industry. The Qtum-based Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Exchange and the corresponding tokens and ecosystem offers a convenient channel for creators to trade their creations, and the same time it eliminates any intermediary. The Ink cross-chain protocol, on the other hand, is a major contribution of Ink to the blockchain community, which has been waiting to embrace this pre-sale with open arms. Below please find important information on this pre-sale.

Ink Pre-sale time: GMT 28 Oct 2017 00:00 — GMT 4 Nov 2017 00:00

The only participation channel is the Ink official website

This pre-sale only accepts QTUM. We expect to collect 800,000 Qtum. The pre-sale price is 85% of the Crowdsale early bird price, i.e. 1 QTUM=115INK.

Participation process

1. Register and log in from the official websiteàidentity verificationàFill up the evaluation formàBinding of investor’s addressàObtain Ink official address

2. Please use the address that has been bound to the Ink official website to transfer tokens to the official address. This completes the investment.

Documents to be prepared:

1. Personal Passport (due to legislative reasons, Chinese and American Nationals are not allowed to participate)

2. Personal Qtum wallet address (thereafter, all INK tokens will be directly transferred to this address)

The official pre-sale channel is already online. Investors can start KYC certification.

Official website:

White paper:

Telegram global community: