The Success Story of Team Ink Continues in Singapore

The Success Story of Team Ink Continues in Singapore

On 25 Oct, team Ink presents its blockchain solution to a feverish crowd of more than 300 people in the garden city of Singapore. The CEO of Ink, Francis Tang, has personally come to Singapore to honor this magnificent event.

Singapore has always been posed as one of the most blockchain-friendly countries in the world. The country has been a frontier in blockchain technology and offers a highly conducive environment for Fintech companies to accelerate. Being the economic center of ASEAN and one of the key Fintech hubs of the world, Singapore is a strategic location for Ink to make a statement to the world.

Lattice 80 was full-house for the Ink Show

The event was co-organized by Singapore Fintech Association and took place at Lattice 80, which is the center for Fintech in Singapore and where the Asian headquarter of R3 is located. Ink is the main host for the event. Guest of honor include Chia Hock Lai, President of SFA and Anson Zeall, President of ACCESS (Association of Cryptocurrency Enterprises and Startups Singapore). Team Ink has also brought in other companies such as Quoine, Kyber, Spacechain and Infocorp to make the event more diversified and vibrant.

The event was kicked off with Quoine presenting their Qash, which promises to increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency space. Their solution built up substantial interest among the audience. The mood of the crowd hit a pinnacle as the Ink CEO, Francis Tang, presented the amazing combination of Sovereign Consortium Blockchain, IP Asset Exchange Platform and Ink Cross-chain platform.

Ink CEO Francis Tang and Spacechain CEO Zheng Zuo presenting their technologies

After a light-hearted tea and socialization session, the representative of each company came back to stage and had a panel discussion to answer some of the most burning questions from the audience, such as their go to market strategy and regulatory landscapes.

Panel discussion with all the representatives from the six companies

The event was successfully concluded at 9pm. However, the passion of the audience simply could not fade. People still lingered around and chatted with the panelists about their technology and details of their upcoming launches. It is a great night of wines and stars for Team Ink as they marched forwards to the next roadshow in Silicon Valley on 28 Oct.

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