Do As I Don’t.

(At least while I’m writing this.)

The intelligent and funny magazine features what it calls “photoplasties” — these Instagramesque standalone images have functioned as biting social commentary long before many of us were tossing around the word meme as casually as we do now.

The first time I saw the term clicktivism, it was on Cracked; it was the above image.

(Wait: that sounds AWFUL… “I was on…nvm…”)

ANYWAY. It brought me up short; here I was, with my super-engaged social media following, tweeting & status-updating my li’l heart out, just being The Ultimate Social Media Social Justice Kitten.

Sean Tejaratchi’s Social Justice Kittens.

Could this be TRUE?

Could I BE as useless as all that?

Even worse: was I really sounding like Chandler BING?

I began to research, as the trained journalist/daughter in a long line of female scientists I am.

I found THIS:


Thinking it over, it made sense.

Clicking, tweeting, posting…all of it ends up making a lot of just… noise.

… which studies were confirming.

Which, if you think about it, your OWN experience is confirming.

How SICK TO DEATH are you — whether you support him or not — are you of Trump and all the arguments on Twitter?

Right? Told ya.

After a short time, it starts to become like when you were a kid: you’d say a random word like “button” over and over again…

Until it didn’t even sound like a word. Just nonsense syllables.

This is NOT a word anymore. Give me an hour…

Social media most certainly has its place; when you want to make a real change, or a real impact in our actual, living social society, however:

Real time, real phone calls, real letters & uniquely crafted e-mails are the only way how. There is no artificial substitute for the sweetness of true life, lived by real humans.

That is … really really good.