A new flower


My soul was a parched garden, 
roses had stopped blooming on its barren soil —

And then you came…

You noticed a concealed corner of my soul.
You saw what others hadn’t seen before -
A spark of hope, a beacon of light.

You saw it and you clung to it like a drowning man to a life vest.

You watered and you nurtured its seeds, 
watered them with love and tenderness, 
made them grow stronger, more powerful.

You said:

«If you don’t believe me, look into my eyes»

You said:

«You’re broken, but that’s why I love you»

You laid my hand on your heart:

«Can you feel it? This heartbeat’s for you « and you smiled

Out of a well of self pity and misery you created a source of light and joy.

Now the once little spark is back from the dead: 
a flower you created with your bare loving hands.

The flower so many believed was an illusion. 
The flower you had chosen to have faith in.

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