Dancing in the rain


When you put your worn out, weathered wings into my hands it was pouring.
I pressed your hands in mine and we warmed them up in the midst of the crowd, in the mist of the rain 
(but it was always just the two of us there anyway, wasn’t it darling?)

Shaking like a leaf, deep blue eyes locked into my green ones, scared and weary, you were imploring me:

“Please don’t crush me under your heel.

“Do not betray me.

Do not discard me.

Not like the others.”

We stood there and danced for hours, your warm body so close to mine, so close… 
(darling, remember the teardrops gently falling on our heads?)

Then, together we raised our hands towards the skies; together we opened them up and let them loose and together we watched them soar away.

And together we laughed.