Just a little something that’s been going on in my head. Don’t read too much into it :) I’ll try to post something every day in may, so this is just a warm-up!

The scream

I’ve been sitting in this bar for a while now. We all have. It’s the only place you can’t hear the screams after all.

The screams…. they’ve been going on for weeks, high-pitched, incessant, enough to drive man, woman and child crazy.

But in this place, the wooden tables beer-soaked, the jukebox cranky and old as the bartender, everybody minding its own business, they can’t be heard for some reason. So the place is stacked, has been since people have been figuring it out, that this is the only place in Wilbert, Missouri that is completely and utterly silence. Enough silence to choke a goat, but no one would break it.

A man enters.

The pepper and salt beard has seen better days, his eyes are weary but not unkind, he enters the bar with a bellow, like a jolt of electricity ripping through the air. “They’re people!” he roars. “People”.

We look at him, angry at him fo breaking the silence like this. Angry for breaking the silence at all.

He sits down at the bar, orders and whiskey, gulps it down and orders another one. “People” he repeats, his voice softer, shaking. “It’s people that are screaming.”

Someone laughs. It doesn’t really matter who. After a while we all become the same. It’s the only way to survive here.

“It doesn’t matter. Everybody knows they’re crazy”.

The old man stands up. He’s had five whiskeys but he walks like a sober man. “Suppose” he says, addressing the voice “that they’re not crazy because they’re screaming.”

He looks at me. I don’t know what he sees in me, what he hopes to see, but his voice has lowered to a whisper only I can hear. “suppose we’ve been crazy all along cause we ain’t been listening”.

He puts down some money on the counter and leaves. We’re all shocked. No one leaves the bar. But his leaving is not what kept me up all night. His tired eyes did, the whispered words of a broken man.

Suppose we’ve been crazy all along cause we ain’t been listening.

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