It’s High Time to go Stylish & Give Your Presentation a Unique Avatar!

Move beyond the normal do’s and don’ts, spice up you PowerPoint presentations by applying some unique and futuristic tricks…

  1. Capitalise on the power of metaphor: A metaphor can bring your presentation to life. It has the same impact like in the speech. In a presentation, you can make use of metaphor by making use of a GIF file or an image which is depictive of what you want to convey to your audience.
  2. Add to the feel with a podcast: You can make your presentation even more interesting by adding a podcast in your presentation. But do not overdo it, just have a single podcast as otherwise it can have an adverse effect on your presentation. Podcasts can be a message or a speech of a prominent personality or an interview of an eminent person. Just ensure that it should be in line with the overall content of the presentation.
  3. The trick lies in videos: Not many of us use videos in our presentation. But actually this can be a unique way of making a very effective presentation. A video clip of a few seconds will help in grabbing the attention of the audience and can make your presentation all the more impressive and distinctive.
  4. Use icons which are great way to present visually: Move beyond pictures and use another visual strategy to communicate with your audience. Here, the effectiveness of icons cannot be undermined as they can instantly communicate the main idea easily through visual representation.
  5. Graphs and charts can do wonders too: If you want to pump in some energy into your presentation, then you must go in for charts and graphs. These are one of the best ways to put statistics and analysis before your audience. It will make it easier for your audiences to understand the basic concepts as well as facts and figures.
  6. Use props while telling stories: Just telling a story is not enough. You need to make use of props while narrating a story. Story-telling with the help of props can make the presentation more effective and allow you to put forth your point in an easier way. However, it is important that the story that you tell and the props that you use are relevant to the subject of your presentation.
  7. Do a demonstration: Try to go live during your presentation as what the audience will see live will have greater impact on them.
  8. Use hashtags to allow the twitteraties tweet: We live in the times of twitter, so use hashtags so as to allow your audience to live-tweet stats, useful bit of information or anything from your presentation which they like.

Gone are the days when the presentation was limited to a simple slide show. Today, a good presentation has to be a powerful combination of creativity, imagination, technology and confidence. It is therefore important that you make use of different methods and tools to create a presentation which is truly eye-catching and informative. You need to think out-of-the box to create a presentation which the audiences will remember for days together. Well, for that you should consult the experts like INK PPT, a professional presentation consulting services and design firm as they know it well. Period!