Best Trade Show Signs & Banner Ideas

Depending on the type of business, trade show banners give a snapshot what you deal in. You should always be particular with the style whenever you are placing an order. But, if you’re confused with what can enhance your image, then you should have a look at the different types of banners.

Be Smart With Flyer Banners

If you have ample space around the booth, then flying banners could be your choice. These are simple in design and can be set up anywhere around the location. Moreover, you don’t need to skillful in installing flying banners. As for the shape, you can choose between elliptical and rectangular. Ultimately, it‘s up to you what you wish to display. But, when you use such kinds of banners, they would attract the attention of visitors.

Be Unique With Pop up Banners

Known for a unique design, pop up banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor locations. Just like a cube, these banners create an enclosure with different creatives across four sides. As you can make out, pop up banners are retractable and can easily be stored inside a handbag. Ideally, you should use these when there’s little space to accommodate everything.

Enhance Appeal With Pull up Banners

In case you have the facility of covering a backdrop, then pull up banners can actually serve better. These are designed from vinyl and are generally called ‘standees’ or ‘roll up banners’. While they are water resistant, they project graphics for you to get noticed. Moreover, such banners are compact and can easily be kept in a carry bag. At the trade show, you can set these up all by yourself. At that instance, you won’t need an extra pair of hands. Best of all, once you order through a portal, you can customize the design by getting an image printed.

Think Different With Teardrop Banners

Recognized for an odd design, a teardrop banner could certainly add to design ideas. Once fixed, you can imagine a tennis racket stuck to the ground. You may benefit using these but the downside is that you would be unable to create a visual appeal. Furthermore, when you use these banners, no visitor would notice your presence. You would fail to promote services / products according to your desires.

Enhance Credibility With Fence Banners

If the authorities have allocated space outdoors, then it’s always better to try fence banners. These help you cover a large backdrop while you have more space to create an impression. Besides, since you would be spreading the banner along its length, you can think innovatively when the image is getting designed.

Be Trendy With Feather Banners

In case you can’t stretch the budget, then you should opt for feather banners. In comparison to teardrop and flying banners, these offers space owing to the looks. The weird appearance would not only help you stand out but also stir up curiosity. You would be the odd man out when others have adhered to conventional designs.

Strike a Difference With Hanging Banners

Finally, you can be different with the use of hanging banners. These can be used when you have a booth right next to a pole. Moreover, you can consider the option if tall walls don’t support interiors. There is always a chance to grab attention because you would be the odd man out.

As you start preparing for the trade show, make sure that you control your expenses. You may think that you should spend more, but you should be shrewd to save and think out-of-the-box.

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