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Andrea Minetti

Platform: Xbox One, Win

Publisher and Developer: StudioMDHR Entertainment

Release Date: 29/09/2017

Price: 14,99£ / 16,99 € / 16,99$

The story

First of all let’s start with the exciting and original story of the game. No worries, there won’t be any spoilers here! it’s the first 2 minutes of the game.

Cuphead is the story of two adorable cups that love gambling and inevitably lose in a dice game with the Devil.

To redeem their souls they have to travel around the fictional Inkwell Isle and collect the contracts of the Satan’s few dozen other debtors which will be the mini bosses…

Say it with a comic strip.

When I did my first campaign on Kickstarter I was shocked how many people still don’t know what a crowdfunding is.

And it’s not just a matter of age (my mum still have some problem with the “copy and paste” concept, bless her) but also it’s an old mentality. When you wanted to do a project you need to invest a large amount of money, and if you don’t have it you need to ask someone else, your parents, your friends or banks.

The crowdfunding is it’s a different kind of concept. …

image courtesy of Virtualrealityreporter

Is that a real thing?

I’ve been asked many times what will be the future of the VR industry and I always reply, it’s definitely an experience and it worth it having a look and spending time to increase its potential.

I tried the first technology in the 90’s and it was a pretty bad experience. The technology wasn’t advanced at all and our brain wasn’t ready for this immersive state. I felt dizzy and the experience for me finished no longer than a minute.

When Oculus Rift caught my eye on Kickstarter I felt it was the right time. Later on when Facebook bought…

The E3 congress: what is it?

Since 1995, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has been the most awaited showcase for the year’s biggest game announcements.

Video game publishers and companies from all over the world attended the event to introduce and advertise the upcoming games and game-related merchandise. Presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), it is usually held in late May or early June at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This year though, E3 was different. For the first time in its 23 year long history, E3 offered 15,000 public passes, giving fans from across the globe a chance to attend the most important and…

What is a UI or HUD?

The User Interface or HUD (head-up display) is one of the most under-appreciated but most important elements of game development. The UI is the way players can interact with the game and receive feedback of their interaction. A game with a great story, great mechanics but bad UI is going to be most likely an unknown game.

The UI not only provides vital information about characters status and the state of the world, but often is key to shaping player behavior. A simple dot flashing on a map can dramatically affect how players interact with the game.

From Pong to Resident Evil 7

One of the…

Andrea Minetti

User interface design for VR/games/apps/website and Illustrator when I want to. Constantly feeding my curiosity about the digital world.

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