INKubator to Make Your Dream Come True

Developed by Ink, INKubator is a cultural asset trading platform with the implementation of the blockchain technology. INKubator aims to help content creators achieve their dreams with lower barriers to entry whilst providing an alternative way for fans to support content creators and getting rewarded.

Here is what INKubator can do for Alice and many other talented content creators!

When Alice was in middle school, she created cartoons out of the funny moments in her daily life and posted them on Facebook to share with her friends and family. Her cartoons always made readers laugh and her work started being shared far and wide. Soon, fans from different countries started following Alice on Facebook and encouraged her to create more content and to upload them. Alice realized that she has found her passion for drawing and is determined to become a cartoonist to share her stories with more people.

It is Alice’s dream to publish her own comic book one day and to eventually produce a film. However, the reality of a content creator is harsh. Alice must accept that her income will be unstable and that she has limited opportunities to publish. She can choose to publish her work online which would give rise to the concern of her works being pirated or use her personal financial resources to publish her own work which would result in a huge strain on her finances.

INKubator allows Alice to fulfill her dreams without such concerns. INKubator aims to support quality content creators in all such miscellaneous concerns to enable them to focus solely on the creative process without distraction.

In this case, Alice needs about $100,000 to be able to publish a comic book. She can initiate a crowdfunding project on INKubator and raise for $100,000 equal amount cryptocurrency. The crowdfunding duration setup as three months. If she successfully raises the fund, she will issue $100,000 token called Alice Comic Token (ACT) to all her supporters and distribute according to the investment ratio. The fans can use the ACT to exchange for her new chapter or hold the ACT to gain appreciation on the INKubator trading platform. If Alice publishes her comic book and starts to earn profits, she plans to take out 40% of the profits to reward her supporters on INKubator. Alice will also host exclusive fan meetings with ACT holders only as a show of appreciation for their support.

The other benefits of using INKubator is that Alice’s fans can participate in the crowdfunding using the cryptocurrency. No matter where you are, you can support your beloved content creators and without worry about the currency exchange.

Within three months, Alice successfully raises $100,000 equal amount cryptocurrency and issues the ACT to her supporters according to the investment ratio. A year later, Alice releases her first comic book, and and it held the title for best-selling comic for months. A director came across her work and reaches out to Alice to discuss the possibility of turning her work into a film.

This is Alice’s story, and it is also our vision for INKubator. We want to build a platform for the content creators like Alice to achieve their dreams!

INKubator for creative incubation!