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Thank you so much Mairead ! Those are very kind words. I am so glad you enjoyed a few posts. After all, we are the only species (writers), who do not work primarily for our gain i,e our work is always intended to be enjoyed by the community than ourselves.

Your post inspires me to write better knowing that there are people out there who read and take away a message or two from our posts. I am also inspired from a message in an earlier post, which talks about “show me” and not “tell me”.

By the way, I too believe that Ashutosh Jain has written some amazing posts. I have liked almost all of his posts.

Also, this way of calling out the people whose posts you like is a brilliant idea. I will do my bit too :) I thoroughly enjoy the posts by Akshay G , Renée, Johnson Kee

Pass on the inspiration. Cheers !!!

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