The Top 11 Amazing Books Of The Year 2023

7 min readMar 27, 2023

The Top 11 Amazing Books Of The Year 2023 are Shri Universe, Pages From My Past, Marichi ki Dooriyan, The Mystery Box, Aghori-An Untold Story, First Murder, Mehyra, Aadhyatmik Yatra, Four Directions, Deewan-e-Krishna, Passionate Life.

Poetic Souls Publications takes an initiative to felicitate the deserving talents and tried to support the upcoming budding talents because they believe everyone has a talent thay just need to find and execute it at the correct time.

•Shri Universe By R R Nisha Shri

Shri Universe is about Spirituality and Medicine. It starts with a dream world and continues to reality. The book is a good read for spiritual seeds to sow in your life. You will become a better person after you read Shri Universe. It's pure magic combined with logic for living a miraculous life.
I am a simple person with high thinking. Though I am strict, I am a friendly girl. I respect my seniors and maintain professionalism in my day to day life. Knowledge and wisdom strengthens my mind, makes my body fit and soul to feel peaceful.

•Pages From My Past By Sombrata Mukherjee

‘The Past is not what it seems’. Things get really different when you spend your time with memories. Dive down into the realm of fun-filled adventures of the author life, get to know about the past incidents which moulds up the present greatly. Listen to the tales of how mischievous friends can be, what comical incidents arise when you spend your days with them walking on streets, recall the classical moments of parents, and most importantly get a chance to cherish various small incidents. Writing about what has happened is really interesting. I don’t know whether a reader would appreciate an author’s past life or not, but they would definitely enjoy the relatable tales of gait and melancholy. Countless events which impress a strong influence on someone’s mind are surely not being noted down by everyone but by a writer. He or she would appreciate such events which now are acting as a fodder to the composure. Everything in here is a part of me, some pages of my past and thus is the book.When I was busy spending time with my friends, my family, my teachers, my pet, my books I never thought that I was preparing the script for this book. Every weird incident mixed up with a band of emotions is placed in here. I’m glad to write such events which I may forget in the inevitable future. New memories would stand over the old ones, but one should not forget the old ones to be the base pillars. Before going into the next life through Karma Chakra, it is a bit satisfying to write about a portion of this life and hopefully my readers will enjoy the collection of stories, poems and memories written in here. Based on all real events, this book as a partial autobiography, the only difference? – It’s explained in an interesting story telling way. Every person has his/her own story, a portion of being greatly relatable with others. People love stories, and this book has a handful of them. As a bonus, get a peep of an upcoming work and also read the extracts from previous stories, poems. Cherish every moment, make memories sweeter!

•Marichi Ki Doriyan By Rashmi Shukla


"This book - Being my first solo publication, is all about the realms with various shades of life I have gone , heard or witnessed so far After writing rigorously, day and night about my thoughts ,views and conversations with brim of styles and persona of people thought to bring all the compositions under one roof. Here you will get to read a series of both short and long poems written at different places, different moods, situations of personal losses ,few wins and many many ups and downs of life.
I'll just say this depiction of instances will keep hitting the right chord the more number of times you read it, crisp and steady.
Yes ,its going to be a kind of reflections for tiny things around me and my aura!!
Read it! Think about it!!

•The Mystery Box By Roma Dessai

This is an extremely powerful and intriguing story of a young girl Sophia and her friends . Sophia and her friends visit her Farmhouse for a stay where they find a unique box. After they reach the farmhouse they learn many secrets which they were unaware of.
Sophia’s parents embarks on a journey of mysteries behind the box which leads them to many surprises.

An innocent mistake leads to behavioral changes in Sophia . Sophia’s parents and friends attempt to help her unfolds many untold secrets which keeps them astonished . The combined efforts to help Sophia come out of the misery puts her into more trouble.

The incidents of the story are wholly absorbing. It is a story of The Mystery Box , how they find it and how it changes their life to an extent that it starts affecting them at each and every point in their life. They make lot of efforts to come out of it which puts them in more and more trouble until they learn the truth.

•Aghori-An Untold Story By Mayur Kalbag

Is a vibrantly colored collage of varied experiences that the protagonist, Subraiya or Subbu as he is fondly addressed as goes through. Subbu’s extremely deep and earnest desire to know more about the Aghori Sadhus / Babas becomes the basis of this most unique and indelible journey of adventures and experiences.

The book is not just a story but an opportunity for the reader to experience an exuberant expedition that incorporates different and diverse activities which are spiritual, intriguing, ethereal and at times, frightening!

Aghori-an untold story has been written in an autobiographical form with the intense intent of the author to make the reader feel that he or she is part of all the adventures and experiences. I believe that it is completely up to the reader or a better word would be the ‘viewer’ to infer whether the story of Subbu and his journey with the Aghoris is fiction or reality!

•First Murder By M R Sharveshwar

Stranger who has no decency finds a girl for just doing time pass in Instagram but she is not interested.. Stranger has a family and when he is depressed when his promotion got cancelled and when he came to know about his mother's incident happened in their village, now he has some unfinished business. He has no idea how is she. She is completely different from other women's who has only one purpose in life. Her life is fully dependent on and she will do anything to complete. One dream which is coming to her everyday makes her to wake up. She needs to forget that badly only by completing her purpose. That cannot be achieved by single women. She needs support, thinking about Instagram stranger to complete her mission. When she came to know that she was used by him and Alexandra was playing in her life and she came to know on her birthday night. She was wrong. She believed him and trusted him with all her life she didn't receive love instead she got only betrayal. As she struggles to come out of her betrayal she came to know about the fake websites which was used by Alexandra and her clients whether she will be able to uncover them with one phone, one laptop and with an unknown stranger. One murder and this is will be her first murder.

A Young girl, a stranger....

One laptop, one mobile...

One murder, one bad dream...


•Mehyra By Srijana Subba

The stories in this book has emerged from a day to day struggle and experience. Being a writer I have taken the liberty to scatter my imagination .
Statutory warning: Some characters in this book are not fictitious, any resemblance to real persons , living or dead is purely intentional....!!!

•Aadhyatmik Yatra By Mugdhaa Chandel

I never made these poems by stopping, thinking. Never contemplated for hours by holding a pen in hand. All my poems automatically emerged in the situations that happened to me. I have allowed them to remain in their original form, never made any corrections because all the spiritual ups and downs in my life are true. Whom I do not want to change. Today I am a spiritual guide, healer, these poems are full of turmoil, happiness and sorrow, devotion, disorientation elsewhere in my early spiritual journey.

•Four Directions By Mitrajit Biswas

This is a book which is meant for relishing the stories of different flavours. Four stories which talks about four different ways of life, it's directions and the choices of destiny. That is what makes this book stand out for in terms of the four different story flavours panned out and presented to you.

•Deewan-e-Krishna By Krishna Kumar

This book of poetry '' DEEWAN - E - Krishna '' is written for all human beings. Language of this book is kept easy so that people can easily understand. This poetry book contains all the philosophy of life . Meaning of Deewan means Vazir - but here it is totally different , it is all about a man who loves to nature , Nation , Parents , relatives , Guru , God ....etc .
I hope this book will add the wings to your dream .
•Passionate Life By Nikita Mahajan

Passionate Life is a book that draws from the experiences of real people to help people develop a virtuous and moral outlook on life. It provides a roadmap to help them navigate life challenges and better understand who they are, develop a solid and satisfying relationship with themselves, connect with their true self and passions, strengthen their character, gain more self-assurance, and discover their life's purpose. It is designed to assist readers in taking control of themselves and realising all of their potency and encourages them to live an ardent life filled with joy and reason if they have the right perspective and resources. The author expresses their gratitude to everyone who helped make this book a reality, from family, friends, colleagues, and readers. They also thank the publishing house's staff for their efforts, support, and advice in seeing this book through to completion.