Overcast: did you know it can sing?

Now you know

Overcast ❤ music

I always were a music fan.

I’ve listened to music everywhere and all the time. I’m even listening to music now, while writing this article. Now I’m at the point, where I can’t stand a deep sound of silence.

After an era of storage-based music, and local collections I’ve opened a world of streaming music. My first big source of streaming was a Youtube. I remember those just introduced “most popular” playlists back in 2010. After a while, Youtube track-based most popular top 100s have become too familiar to my ear. I was looking for something else…

In 2012 my friend introduced me to a new thing, called Spotify. I was shocked. In a matter of few weeks, my song collection already had over 500 songs. In a few months, I was somewhere near 2–3k. I was enjoying it.

However, there were a few drawbacks, and one of the most annoying was a repetition. After a listening a day or two music from “explore” or from your collection, there always will be same tracks over and over again. Same was going on the Youtube, though.

A podcast?

Somewhere around that time, my other friend introduced me to a new format of a music listening, called music podcasts. It was a handpicked collection of tracks gathered by usually a musician or a DJ. I loved this format. It was a first time when I was able to turn on a mix, and enjoy similarly styled tracks without any concerns about volume difference between tracks, or unexpected change of style from calm classical music to an energetic dubstep track.

At that time Spotify has become another unused application on my desktop. I was listening only mixes, mainly from Youtube. And a funny thing, it was not just a one mix at a time. I’ve searched for a specific genre, then clicked on a playlist, and listened to it a few days or even weeks. A playlist that consisted of 50 1-hour, or more, mixes, how do you like that?

After a while, I moved to the Mixcloud. A single place for all your mixes and podcasts. Following artists, getting notified when a new mix appears. That was very cool. And I still use it on the desktop. Even got a shiny Chrome extension to Play/Pause tracks. Here is a link, in case someone is interested.


Just recently I bought an iPhone. And that’s where a real story starts!

Immediately I started looking for apps similar to Mixcloud, but with a function of offline caching/downloading. I’m not sure does Mixcloud have this feature, though.

Then I realized, why do I need some application, if I already have a built-in Podcast app. I’ve tried it, and it was bad. But the idea of podcasting was very interesting to me, so I have found a new, much better app called Overcast.

I’m not sure, did anyone try to use Overcast with the same purpose that I was intended to use. But, now it did not matter to me anymore. I was listening to a free music, without taking any illegal actions, offline and online, wherever and whenever I wanted to.

My glorious list of music related podcasts/mixshows.

There is also playlists feature. Perhaps, some guys were using it for some highly-intelligent stuff related to thematic podcasts. But for me the purpose of this function was obvious.

Simple but powerful playlist feature.

I miss only one thing, there is no general purpose EQ for the Overcast. It is hard to listen to music when you are on public transport, for example. I want to make treble slightly (or not slightly) lower, and bass higher. But I can’t, and this is sad.

I hope this article will be helpful for someone out there. It’s a rare occasion when something is so good can be free. As one wise man once sang “The best things in life are free”. Also, if you didn’t know that you can listen to music via Overcast — now you know.

Overcast, I love you.
Take care!