From my body with Love

I have watched the testimonies of many people talking about the “before” and the “after” of meeting Serge Benhayon. Some of them I have met personally, which has allowed me to determine that their transformation isn’t transitory, but instead it’s deep-rooted, and it consolidates day by day.

Sometimes I have wondered why until now there hasn’t been a clear “before and after” in me. I am certain that this isn’t brought by distrust towards him, for neither the scepticism nor the disappointment that I was living when I met him, were able to prevent me from recognising the Truth in his words, and to feel his transparency and integrity when it comes to incarnate in his life everything that he expresses.

My precarious level of English knowledge has put a restraint on the avidity of my mind, and has allowed me to perceive first the energy of his words, to experiment how they resonated in my body and later on, when I received the translation, to confirm why I had felt openness, expansion and, in many occasions, revolution. I ascertained once and again that the Truth liberates and I also took awareness of the responsibility and the magnitude it meant to be faithful to it.

I have judged my negligence towards the learning of English, but today I can see that, to me, this has proven to be the most direct way to access the wisdom through my body, instead of staying trapped in the mere intellectual knowledge and become a “preacher”. I know that I’m not at risk for this anymore, for my body is regaining the place that belongs to it, and my mind is surrendering to its service.

My day-to-day medicine is to look with honesty at the reality of what I’m living, to see how my “livingness” is, and to not deceive myself with the mirage of thinking that the fact of resonating with Serge’s presentations, will guarantee by itself that I will be able to live it.

During the past four years I have attended continuously to his workshops and courses. My body responds with gratitude to the subtleness, precision and depth of the modalities he presents. It’s as if all of them had been designed taking into account what the body truly needs so that it could finally surrender, with the trust that it’s going to be treated with the respect it deserves and to be seen as a unity, instead of the addition of its parts.

The more present I am in it, the more I confirm the teachings and revelations that come through Serge, awakening in me this ageless wisdom that belongs to all of us.

At this point in my life, I know that the thing that is preventing the existence of a clear “before and after”, is the fact that I still have an ingrained pattern of self-judgement, instead of appreciating myself every time that I foster and allow for my true expression.

I appreciate the simplicity with which Serge has reignited in me the certainty that the divinity of the human being is not a philosophic nor a religious concept, but a natural and tangible fact.