Themed Entertainment Design Lights Up the Imagination

Your city is hosting the county’s summer festival this year, and the planners have decided to change things up a bit and offer something entirely new. After a brainstorming session, someone suggested incorporating themed entertainment design, a concept that creates attractions suitable for all ages. If the idea goes over well this year, perhaps event organizers could choose a different theme annually and widen the base of participants, drawing crowds from all over the state rather than only from the surrounding counties.

Bigger Than Life Entertainment

Entertainment designed around a theme includes interactive components that bring imagination to life. A children’s park might have an animal theme where kids can ride life-like elephants, giraffes, and zebras. An urban center might choose a garden theme with oversized flowers, shrubs, and rabbits. A movie-based theme park caters to the Hollywood enthusiast while taking him on a magic roller coaster ride through scenes from his all-time-favorite movie. Whether in a local children’s park or a nationally-advertised theme park, designers aim to create themes that draw in participants whose imaginations can run free while they enjoy bigger-than-life entertainment.

Summer Festival Reimagined

For your city’s summer festival, the committee votes in favor of themed entertainment design, deciding that an art theme is a safe starting point. Attractions might include a train ride where seats are designed as paint brushes and with every spin around the track, a new swath of color spills onto a specially designed surface below. A larger-than-life watercolor palette with ten bright colors is staged just next to a sketch pad large enough to cover the baseball field. Participants can choose smaller individual paint brushes or six-foot-tall brushes to be used with their friends to add splashes of color to the painting. Other similar ideas can be incorporated as well. If you can imagine it, a trained designer can bring it to life.

Themed concepts design can be used, as in the above example, for dedicated events or for more permanent parks, recreation areas, and entertainment centers. Playgrounds in public parks and schools can encourage learning while having fun. Children’s museums can incorporate design themes that allow children an interactive learning experience but also keep adults entertained. Museums typically aimed at adult audiences can apply the same approach and keep children interested while their parents browse.

A Future Turned Present

Themed entertainment design was once thought to be the design of the future. However, as technology has developed and design schools have risen to meet the challenge of a new entertainment century, the future has become the present. Theme parks with life-like replications and larger-than-life imagery have grown in number and popularity. They’ve taken our imaginations farther than once envisioned, making concepts like 3-D animation a part of everyday vocabulary.

Imagination Overflow

As your Summer Fest organizers sit down to discuss the coming event, let your imaginations take over. Think about themes you’re interested in, and explore those. Don’t hold back because you think an idea is too far over the top. Themed concepts design makes use of exaggerations for bold effect, and its designers risk imagining for the sake of outlandish entertainment that attracts even the most skeptical observer.