Why we do what we do

It has been a while (Over a year) since we (InMoViDu) have been around and it is about time we say why we do what we do.

When most people hear online education, they think ‘Biology, chemistry, algebra..’ and the list goes on. Almost every avenue of online learning is related to complimenting the existing academic system and improve performance(grades) in conventional education. It is safe to say that education in India has become a production line. Some people may argue that this format of education makes people more job ready and self sustaining. Many speak with pride when they state facts like India produces the largest number of qualified engineers in the world. Well, here are some interesting points that might make you think again. I am quoting Wikipedia here:

‘ India is one of the largest producers of engineers in the world. Yet, more than 70% of engineers are unemployed due to severe competition, and by some estimates only 7–8% of engineering graduates are actually employable’

Interesting isn’t it ?

And yet, when that time of the year(admissions) comes, we see students and their parents alike throng to academic buildings trying to get their hands on the brochures of all the colleges that they can think of.

A similar situation applies to Medical education. In many cases, colleges are handing out post graduate (MD/MS) degrees to students without exposing them to a single patient or a resident attending physicians through the entire duration of the course. These facts should be disturbing to all of us considering some of these doctors may attend to us some day.

Coming back to the point of why we do what we do. We started off as a company that wanted to impart non-academic learning like music, dance, food & beverage and arts online. Our primary intention was to fill two very critical gaps in these disciplines of education, reach & structure. When we say reach, brick and mortar set ups are restricted by geographical reach and structure means we wanted to eliminate the scattered, disorganized fashion in which the courses were being conducted in the existing set up. We worked hard towards it and only launched courses that we were certain, were ready for use. We had great successes in fields like Guitar basics where we launched a 9 month program what ensures a beginner would be stage ready by the end of the course (provided they put in the hours we demand of them). We also had successes in the fields of baking (Week long programs) and art and crafts with water color painting (Short term and long term courses).

During our exploits however, we found that there was more we could do. There was need for some very specific learnings that were going unnoticed by the “Production Line”. Learning streams that would go a long way in making people more confident and equipped to deal with life in general. We started working on these projects vigorously and launched two new disciplines. The women’s safety course (a women’s empowerment program) and personality development (our own version of it).

The Women’s safety program has received a lot of attention and rightly so. Corporate organizations and SME businesses alike are very interested in making their women workforce empowered and have come forwarded and supported our endeavor.

These sessions have been an eye opener. In almost every session we conducted, women broke down while sharing experiences, not just because they experienced violence or abuse but more so because felt helpless in these situations. Our course covers over a two day program, not just self defense techniques in case of an incident but also provides insights into precaution and spreads awareness about the laws that protect women. Although this is a long journey but we are glad that we are on this path. This is has been the most satisfying of all accomplishments of InMoViDu till date as we have been able to contribute to the lives of people like never before.

We promise to continue our endeavor to bring meaningful education and life skill training products to everyone.