Slinging Faith

I’ve made you Saul placing your armor on me because I’ve seen fruit in your life and, in order to see those trees in my garden; I had to garden the way you garden.

I’ve made you my brothers in the battle giving a list of opinions and, insights interpreted as suggestions or directives.

For years when I wanted Godly relationships more than I wanted GOD, these templates were sufficient. Molds laid out for me to choose and, apply as needed. But, I was created to be creative. There is now fruit on my tree. I have a hybrid crop of vegetation sprouting. You never called yourself Saul. You never saw yourself as the brothers who questioned David’s validity. Yet, the approval rate of my previous proposals all the met the predetermined templates. The only complaints, concerns, and red flags fell on the potential harvests I planted.

Now, here I stand in front of goliath with a slingshot and, a rock. This isn’t the wisest choice when you have the history of artillery weapon programs in your stocks.

Yet, this is what I see. This is the vision HE has given me. I have found that I keep putting down my slingshot in order to use previously approved weaponry. For example, a shiny pink rifle. The rifle I can’t aim. Picking up a bazooka that is also an awkward object for my task. Picking up the weight of the guilt; for not executing the original vision. A delay caused by my time sifting through unnecessary armament.

I put it before the FATHER, I asked HIM for the words. Please forgive me for treating you how i saw you and, not who you have been. Please know the reason that I can now hear or, see a blueprint is because you taught me the systems for recognizing counterfeit with your templates.

Now, like art I create something new with all the influences of my journey and, if you look close enough. You see your sampled chord, the colors painted on my heart, the lyrics from stories you told me.

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