The Salving Sap of Purposed Pain

Be encouraged! Sometimes we have just no words. Smile!!! Sometimes your smile is the only faith you can display. We smile past our feelings because we know that GOD has us in the palm of HIS hands.

HE promised never to leave nor forsake. We hold this to be truth we can identify with, on experiencing it for ourselves. The ongoing to solution to “I heard HE is a burden barrier versus “I know HE is heavy load sharer.”

Push through; because after this moment is our break through. Please do not walk away because your “moment” exceeds the previously expected time frame.

The strategy is to have expectation with out an expiration date. Have a vision with the patience for the manifestation of that vision. Begin to prepare for the outcome, byproduct, and caring of that vision in your season of growth.

You are not abandoned. Quite contrary; you are so loved you are being groomed with personal care.

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