a few weekends ago my kevin and i were laying down on our squishy mattress smoking some marijuana and jamming on guitars while watching a documentary about elliott smith.

meet him here — — — — — — -> https://youtu.be/pAP3sYaaBv4

there was a little snippet of a song that was one of his very first that struck a chord with me ***kind of a silly pun***

it is entitled ‘i love my room’ and you can listen to it here — — ->


kevin and i are both beach boys fans and we couldn’t help but think that it sounded eerily similar to brian wilson’s ‘in my room’ which you can listen to here — — — — — -> https://youtu.be/Usuu-xu75dI

it got me to thinking and i had a realization about the room i am sitting in while i type this. our nest is a studio apartment in anywhere, los angeles. my husband and i are our 5 year old wee one all occupy this space and sometimes i love it and sometimes it’s…intense to say the least.

from the sound of the two aforementioned songs, the artist’s had love affairs with their rooms, they were places to view the outside from safety and to reflect on your day/dreams/hopes/fears/etc…

— — — — oh my goodness, remember that selena song? — — — —

a lot of strange dialogues/interactions/all out weird sounds go on while sharing a room with a 38 year old grown man and a 5 year old little man when you are a 29 year old woman…in anywhere, los angeles. actually, let’s not call it anywhere…it’s the downtown niche of San Pedro that is home to the homeless and hipster alike (the everchanging&gentrifying city of angels).


ok, pardon the language, the bane of my existence while living in this tomb ( i mean room ) is starting his snoring downstairs. this gentlemen, he who shall not be named, is definitely going to get his snore recorded for the world to hear in a VR film. I have never had my bed shaken by a snore before but it’s just one of the sounds we deal with in a building from 1911. on a happier note, my small one -his name is Memphis-, has a sweet voice that is always questioning and commenting on every little thing. there’s a lot of ‘excuse me’ and a lot of ‘won’t you get dressed mom?’, and sirens, and music, and book reading, and guitar playing, and singing, and cooking, and yelling, and everything. we also have a strange style i think, there is a lot to look at in this little room.

oh and guess what else? we have a record player too, maybe my finished product will include an interactive one. FUN — — ->


this studio can feel like a love affair for us too and we all make each little corner of it our own. i hope that reaction to the culture of ‘everyone needs their space’ and multiple rooms for mulitple activitites nuclear family stuff vs. what seems to be a *tiny houses* minimalist 21st century we are all broke as heck approach to living together will be interesting enough for a short virtual reality film.

i am planning on doing most of the research (considering it is in my apartment) and production on my own with guidance from my soul sister…we shall call here TeaTree. she would not like that…but she would giggle.

i hope these two songs strike a chord with you too.

let’s share.