getting to thinking…

okay, so i think my subject lacks an anthropological theme so it’s back to square one with this film.

i think that maybe focusing solely on my room with the triggers for the VR camera is short sighted. what am i trying to do with this movie? what am i trying to show? what question am i asking? how can i connect the viewer to just myself? that seems a little self involved…even for me.

so i think i want to involve more people, i will send out a little calling pidgeon on facebook today to see if anyone is willing to learn this brian wilson song and play it for me in their room with the VR camera rolling…

i was thinking i could basically make an anthropologically themed music video. wouldnt it be great if some of my bi-lingual friends and multi-faceted artist friends could share their spaces and culture through the covering of a popular song from a group straight out of Los Angeles, specifically the south bay?

i will see what happens. pictures of my space coming shortly, i hope it is interesting enough looking to engage a vueser in a headset, i hope to maybe get 5 more people who would be willing to play this song for the camera in their rooms. we shall see what happens. i feel like maybe i am taking the anth right out of it by soliciting volunteers but hey, we will see how it turns out. i dont want the viewer to be bored. boredom in the scariest thing ever.

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