Thank you, Mr. President!

Having just watched your historic landing in Cuba on national news tonight, I was reminded once again of all you have achieved during these past seven-plus years under extraordinary challenges from an opposition party which declared almost immediately after your first election in 2008 to make you a “one term president”. And all of it was accomplished with great grace, calm demeanor, dignity and the absence of any scandal whatsoever. To watch you and your beautiful family disembark Air Force One already has made me nostalgic regardless of whomever is elected to succeed you this fall.

How utterly neat it was to watch Ileana Yarza’s reaction to your personal response to her invitation to join her for a cup of Cuban coffee while there. I hope you accept and show her and the world once again a glimpse of that same wonderful charm you and Mrs. Obama showered on Virginia McLaurin, the 106-year-old lady who visited the White House during Black History Month the first week in March. To watch you both dance with her, give her a smooch and bring so much joy and happiness to her long life brought a moment of real humanitarianism and empathy so lacking today with many of our public officials.

In addition to re-establishing relations with a country only ninety miles from our boarder, which should have been done decades ago, I just can’t help but reflect back on your other monumental achievements since 2008, including: (1) Bringing the country and world back from total financial collapse. (2) Withdrawing troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan. (3) Killing Osama Bin Laden. (4) Passing the first comprehensive health care law after decades of failed attempts. (5) Establishing a new form of foreign policy that promotes open dialog with our adversaries instead of the gunboat diplomacy of the past which has not served our country’s long term interests all that well. (6) Raising awareness as to the dangers of global warming which puts the entire world at risk. (7) Embracing the rights of women, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. (8) And just last week, courageously submitting a nomination for the Supreme Court vacancy to, hopefully, bring balance to that branch of government. And, amazingly, doing all of this while maintaining that wonderful smile.

So, thank you Mr. President for all of the above. I and my family will miss you, but my very best wishes go out to you, your beautiful wife and lovely daughters as you plan for your well deserved private life away from the public eye.

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