We at Retention Design reviewed over 30 SaaS products and this is what we learned

It’s kind of like shooting yourself in the foot

Imagine for a moment that you have two options to choose from: The first — getting 1 million sign ups for your product in just 4 days. The second — working hard for 16 months to get 1 million active users. Which option would you choose?

Did you choose the first one? You must like thrills. Remember “Yo”, an app that got to a million users in just 4 days? Well, they are long gone.

Did you choose the second one? Are you ready to…

A few months back we had the pleasure to be hosted by Shirley Baumer, product manager at Monday (previously DaPulse), to chat about how they maintain a product with such high customer engagement. What we found out was amazing in it’s simplicity- they have a B2C attitude to a B2B product.

For those of you not familiar with Monday (previously dapulse), Monday created a product that helps people collaborate on projects, many different types of projects. The founders of Monday realized something important early on- people have common goals and challenges while collaborating with other people. …

Following our post about Debunking Onboarding Myths, we wanted to share some of our personal favorite user onbaording experiences and WHY we love them. So get inspired, save them to your swipe file, and look at your product’s onboarding experience with fresh eyes.

Hop onboard!

#1: Lemonade’s Get-quote Flow

We hear more and more buzz about user onboarding lately, but also many miss-conceptions about it’s purpose and how to create an onboarding experience that really helps engage new users. So we at Retention Design are here to help, and we’re going to do that by busting some major user onboarding myths. With the help of notorious onboarding experts we’ll shutter those myths and establish user onboarding for what it really is - the process that gets new users to experience first success with your product.

Let’s do this.

Myth #1: Onboarding is a tool tip tour

The tool tip tour on web products and it’s cousin the…

Yes! But to get real insight, you must know how

Image Credit: #wocintechchat

If you are in the business of making products, here is a scenario you could probably relate to: a feature request that frequently appeared in support tickets made it into the product roadmap and a feature with the requested functionality was just released with an announcement sent to the users. You take a few days to collect data about the usage of the feature and see an alarming result: only a fraction of your users are using it.

What now? You know for a fact there was a need for…

Because Life’s Too Short to Put up with Bad Experiences

Image Credit: Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

Let’s talk about retention. How do we, as product makers or service providers, keep our customers coming back?

A few years back, I was working for a successful E-commerce startup and we had a retention team. It was a small team completely dedicated to email marketing, and they had important KPIs like Daily Active Users, 15-Day Retention, 30-Day Retention and so on.

I always thought it was strange that the only tool they were working with to try and move the needle on these metrics was email marketing. …

Retention Design

We are Anna Axenov and Inna Kerzman, we write about user onboarding, activation, conversion optimization and retention from a customer-centered perspective.

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