Science proves that displaying family photos boosts children’s self-esteem.

Inna Yurchuk-Kostukovsky
2 min readJun 5, 2020


According to psychologists, photography has a positive benefit for children’s self-esteem and helps them develop stronger confidence.

Scientists have proven that it is valuable for children to see themselves as part of a family unit and this is where photographers come in.

During family sessions, photographer’s job is to create safe and loving environment, centered around kids. Photo session is a happy play time with rules and boundaries but also games, fun activities, lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles.

However, turns out, a photo session is not enough by itself.

Photographers are increasingly delivering images electronically and families view them in a digital form on their computers, phones or on social media. So does this really have the same impact when it comes to boosting a child’s self-esteem?

Well, not really. It is important that kids live in the house where the photos are displayed.

Growing up in the space where they see themselves in photos, surrounded by their loved ones, helps them learn who they are and where they fit. They understand the story of their family and grow up with a stronger sense of belonging.

Traditional approach of displaying photos prominently in the home also ensures that the child internalises the idea that those in the photos are important to one another. That child will grow up with a sense of comfort and a feeling of being protected.

Additionally, photographs are powerful symbols that elevate everyday moments and turn them into art. Kids will feel important and worthy of professional documentation and also appreciate the art itself. The photographer takes the utmost care when it comes to light, composition, posing and editing the images and the child will analyse and learn from this.

I believe that tactile experience of holding a physical print in your hands or flipping through a family Album stimulates the brain and makes a child engage with the object more. Photos are also miraculous windows into the past — strangeness of seeing parents once young, or great-grandparents in uniform will make kids curious about their heritage.

Psychologists recommend having photographs of your child with their family placed in the kids’s room so they can see it before sleep and then first thing upon waking and beginning their day.

They will know they are cherished, cared for and loved.

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