There are times when I feel like things are better when I’m not around. Raised in an unsupported circumstances had made me keep questioning myself. What I can do, what can I not?
Will I be ablet to do so, will I be not?
Do I deserve to accept this, do I not?
And sooo many questions flooding my head, everytime.

But then life goes on, and in the year of 2019 it gave me not just a lemon but also vinegar and more strong acid that burnt all of my world into pieces. I left with nothing but a…

As an Operating System, Linux has its own perks. Aside from its flexibility and security, it has many “challenge” for users that already got used to Windows for years.

Like today. I was trying to run a WordPress site locally but had a hard time in configuring the Apache server. Actually, this was not the first time I experience this. So I made this mini tutorial for a resort if I got stuck in this spot again (hope not, though!)

In Windows, it’d be so easy. All you need to do is just clicking here and there, but it is…

I love drawing, doodling, and hand lettering.

There are times when I got bored and all I did is just scratching the paper with my pen/ pencil. When my brother taught me how to use Adobe Illustrator, it gave me awe. I amazed by the unlimited possibility of making things.

When I migrated to Linux Fedora, I have no longer option in using AI since it’s is not available in Linux. Then I decided to start learning to use Inkscape, a vector-based software that runs in Linux system. Unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations. …

Few months ago, I had this kind of thoughts:

how to welcoming people who are absolutely newbies in building websites?

Websites has survived until now. From the fierce of native apps like Apple and Android, somehow, websites stand still. Moreover, we have Progressive Web Applications (PWA) which looks like a native apps but run under website platform. Based on that, I guess learn to build our own websites is still relevant for the now and the future.

For young people, especially senior high or college students may find it easy to learn about the website building, because most of them…

GitKraken splash screen on Fedora


It’s been so long that I haven’t written down my notes in this medium account. Life happens and I got to set myself back from laptops et cetera because of the surgery.

I have to postpone the #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfWriting. Now I’m ready to put myself in front of the laptop for hours again. So, bring it on.

This week, I pumped my spirit in the #100DaysOfCode rally again by doing things properly.

Tidying up my GitHub account, applied some Konmari method to the repositories and install Github Desktop clients on my laptops: Windows and Linux based.

For the…

In life, there are things that we can’t avoid.

Failures, disappointment, bad thoughts.

Everything was planned perfectly. Then, God said no, not yet… not now.

At least, you’ve got to try harder than before.

That was what happened a few weeks ago. While I was in a rally of the #100DaysOfCode, I got ill and has to had an appendectomy. My appendix has to be taken off from my stomach.

Thank God, the surgery went well, but the preparation and recovery of the surgery took a lot of time and energy. …

Few years ago, I wrote my first “Hello World” in a desktop PC, in our campus’ computer lab. At the same year, I learnt about binary, ASCII codes and how computer interacts with human. At that time, things I knew needed to build applications are formed in two shapes:PC desktops and laptops.

Never thought in my mind, even a slightest one, that we will be able to do codes in our palm, using our cellphones.

Today, I made it.

With the help of my favorite mobile learning app, SoloLearn.

Few months ago, my coding mentor, mas Yudi Utomo introduced SoloLearn…

Image source

This morning, I went to a challenge in my Free Code Camp’s Javascript section. Aaannnd, as usual. I got stuck! 😵

There are several thing that confused me:

  1. It tells a case about a black jack game, which I’ve got no clue about it.
  2. The camper is not allowed to code reset the value into “0”.
  3. Returned array value is not allowed.
  4. Including quotes is also not permitted.

Then how I’m gonna solve it?

I hit the “Get a hint” button. I guess this is a new feature in the freeCodeCamp. I don’t remember if we had this privilege few…

Few days ago, I read a post from JavaScript Teacher about him writing a book titled CSS Visual Dictionary. From the picture he posted, it looks promising. I mean, when I was stuck in CSS curriculum few weeks ago, it was so hard for me to visualize the CSS properties unless you see someone’s masterpiece of it.

I imagined it would be lovely if I could read the book and use it as my own “CSS Bible”, a book which I will use as a guidance whenever I got stuck with the massive amounts of CSS properties.

Get it on Amazon

As Einstein…

Image source

Since I decided to commit for the 100 Days Of Code, I’ve been trying so hard to keep the spirit keep burning, without being burnt out. I started to join this campaign when we were having Ramadan fasting month and Eid holiday.

You know what holiday means for mothers, don’t you? It means no holiday, at all. It means husband and kids will be on your tail all along. Asking for more food, have “quality time” together, et cetera. Holiday for a stay-at-home-mothers like me means shorter “me-time” 😆.

Couple of days ago, I had my GERD kickin’, the pain…

Inne R. A.

Technically, a mother who loves to type.

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