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SDNY COURTHOUSE, Nov 19 — Natalie Rodriguez worked as a prostitute on Long Island for Justin Rivera, in 2015 and 2016.

On June 8, 2021 she testified against him, in a plexiglass booth before a dozen masked jurors in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Inner City Press was there, and files this report.

Justin Rivera, who spends his nights in the Metropolitan Correctional Center now, sat in a purple sweater at the defense table, listening to the audio tapes as they…

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FEDERAL COURT, Jan 15 — Among the cases brought by the US Department of Justice in the wake of the events of January 6 in the U.S. Capitol, that of John Earle Sullivan stands out.

On January 15 Sullivan appeared before U.S. District Court for the District of Utah Magistrate Judge Daphne A. Oberg for the type of detention hearing that has resulted in the jailing of Cleveland Grover Meredith and Lonnie Coffman in DC, and Eduard Florea in the EDNY in New York.

But this…

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UN GATE, Jan 11 — Antonio Guterres’ four years as UN Secretary General have consisted of diplomatic failures, cover-ups of UN sexual abuse and UN bribers, including his own connections with convicted briber CEFC China Energy, and banning of the Press that asked.

Now on January 11 Guterres has made public that he wants five more years at UNSG. Five more years of bribe taking, of covering up the abuse of civilians in Cameroon and Western Sahara and elsewhere and banning of Press which asks…

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UN GATE, Nov 21 — Before Inner City Press was roughed up by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ Security on June 22 and July 3, 2018 and under a ban on entry since then, it insistently asked about Guterres’ conflicts of interest, for example with murderous Cameroon chairing the UN Budget Committee where Guterres sought support or with the business interests of his family, as for disclosure of how many of Guterres’ publicly funded trip took him through his real home, Lisbon. …

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SDNY, Sept 23 — When Isai Scheinberg, after being indicted in 2011 and recently returning from Switzerland voluntarily though following an extradition request appeared in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on February 20, the mood was strangely cordial.

Now on September 23 he has received a sentence of time served and a $30,000 fine. More on Patreon, here.

SDNY Judge Lewis A. Kaplan set a trial date, of October 19 — but told the defendant’s well known counsel Paul Shechtman…

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UN GATE, Sept 21 — In the United Nations, on September 1 a list of speakers for the UN General Assembly week Sept 22–29 was released, photo here.

From 2006 into 2018, Inner City Press closely covered each UNGA week from inside the UN, asking questions in the UN Press Briefing Room (which which France once threatened to use Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric to have it removed and its accreditation pulled).

Inner City Press on September 5, 2020 submitted a…

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SDNY COURTHOUSE, Aug 21 — The civil case against Peter Nygard for rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking has been stayed on August 21 as the US Attorney intervened, see photo here. It would appear that Nygard is subject to US criminal action. See more on Patreon here.

Back on May 7 there was a pre-motion conference before U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Edgardo Ramos. …

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SDNY COURTHOUSE, July 19 — During the trial that convicted Tony Hernandez, the brother of Honduras’ president Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH), on all four counts of guns and narcotics trafficking and false statements, the Honduran National Police came up again and again in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

And now in July, Honduran journalist David Romero Ellner has died of respiratory failure after contracting COVID-19 while imprisoned at the Támara National Penitentiary. With a history of killing witnesses…

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UN GATE, July 18 — Antonio Guterres has spent public money to promote himself, and to rough up and ban from the UN the Press that asks UN corruption and sexual abuse.

On July 18 from the UN Headquarters he has banned Inner City Press from for 746 days, Guterres read out a speech he had twice tried to promote in background briefings to the state media and retirees he lets in.

The speech was full of lies and hypocrisy:

Guterres said, “At the…

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SDNY COURTHOUSE, July 16 — Following the U.S. Supreme Court decision, on July 16 U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Victor Marrero held a proceeding in Trump v. Vance, Jr. et al, 19-cv-8694 (VM).

Inner City Press live tweeted it: Judge Marrero before given each side an initial 20 minutes read out questions that he has, as he did in the Tmobile Sprint trial, see here.

Judge Marrero: “What standard should the Court apply to determine bad faith? … The Court…

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