Thailand, the concrete jungle of SEA, a wish to change itself.

A few months ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook’s feed as usual, expecting for some memes and news. I paused for awhile, noticed a 6 minutes video from unknown facebook page called “Knowless” with Thai caption saying, “Founded! People demanding for the ultimate learning center, it’s the motorcycle driver, let’s listen to him.” As the video goes on, portrayed a website “” with top headline abut national knowledge center created by an anonymous with pen name as “Meena Chotkum” which has caught the attention of OKMD (Office of Knowledge Management and Development) A normal looking motorcycle driver appeared within the screen claimed himself as the writer and “National Knowledge Center” campaign created in the which surprised the OKMD team, with loads of information that has packed with him and speaking about it fluently without any interruption. He claimed about the issues that we are struggling within the society today. It’s a big and serious problem that loads of people neglected for so long. In Bangkok, a concrete jungle within the center of Thailand, loaded with lots of condominium, offices, hospitals, schools and various malls. He speaks up on behave of the young generation and people saying things that were left unsaid and nobody has ever considered about. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

After the video ended, I was wordless, shocked and surprise. But then I found out that this video is not real. I was confused and a little bit upset, yet I still so obsessed with the ideas. I started to do some researches and found out that Thailand does not really have anything educative or providing free knowledge to people. Most of it has been neglected, ignore, undeveloped and has left behind for over a decades just because they cannot generate any benefits out of it. Right after the video came out, there are a lot of criticism and disappointment risen rather than awareness and consideration about the ideas. Criticize and commenting on how the video goes against the ethnics in advertising and claimed that Thai’s society has been living with lies for over a decades, this kind of video has nothing different from those lies that has been told for so long. It is very tragic on how people tends to focus on how the video has came up with instead of focusing on what they are trying to tell us to hear them out. Thai people, mostly and naturally, choose to condemn instead of taking the good thing out of it.

In Bangkok, people are ready to thrive and embrace the process of the future. Yet, the diversity of the city’s inhabitants and people mindsets, beliefs, lifestyle and competitive drive can be the cause of the conflict. People were seeking to be success and prioritizing their personal needs and achieve that caused them to forget about what really contribute the well-being of the society. Self-centered and selfishness have led people to overlook the power of collaboration; the strength of teamwork and harmony can bright to the society. We neglect to acknowledge the problems and the search for right solutions as we tragically succumb to the dilemmas that are not only intensified but unwillingly accepted as a part of our lives and society that we live in.

Fortunately, I have a chance to attend “Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017” as I wandering around the event, encountered with various interesting innovation and ideas that were create and generate by Thai people. I found myself, collecting for brochures, and was paused in front of True’s Digital Park Booth. With the goal to become Thailand’s 1st and Southeast Asia’s largest digital hub; the leading multinationals technology companies and startups. Supporting Thailand’s 4.0; Highlights the World-Class Co-Working Space, a complete ecosystem. Integrate all state agencies and business organizations, Including global multinational companies in the form of open Innovation to fuse the knowledge that facilitates the digital innovations of the Thai startup. Enrich the benefits and values ​​of society at the national and global level. Increase the potential of the country in all aspects.

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