Seymour Hersh Owes The World An Explanation For His Seth Rich Comments
Caitlin Johnstone

You are absolutely correct that we are facing the imminent danger of a military confrontation with Russia. The accusations of “Russian meddling “ in US elections is a calculated HOAX, by the London/Wall Street/Oligarchy that aims to unseat President Trump .The British and their Eastern Establishment buddies want to destroy Russia’s and China’s growing independence from their bankrupt system.Russian and China have opposed the Anglo-American Imperial system of “regime change”, exploitation and looting.President Trump, with his expressed desire for cooperation instead of confrontation is a target because he threatens the policy that has ruled since the death of Franklin Roosevelt. read the latest by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity for the proof of the HOAX (see link below) Use this story , to defeat the British lead, “Deep State” coup against Trump. Oliver Stone cited this study today, in his attack against the new Sanctions vs. Russia.

Lay off attacking Seymour Hersh. His enemies , are the enemies of the Nation and of the truth. He probably did not authorize the release of the tape of his private comments on the Seth Rich case; It was released at the same time that the legal case was against FOX news and others by Mr. Wheeler .According to the legal suit ,Ed Bukowsky threated to destroy Seymour Hersh is he didnt reveal his sources.

Seymour Hersh has risked his life by attacking the crimes by the US war machine and other HOAXs that have justified its actions. Many journalists have lost their lives with courageous reporting via socalled “suicides” : To name a few : Gary Webb , reporting on the CIA/Contra operation; Phillip Marshal , concerning Bush and Saudi connections to 911. Not to mention the deaths of numerous witnesses to the JFK assassination.

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