Day 8 - Share something you struggle with

Graduation sucks

It’s really hard and tough and sucked when you finally graduate and don’t know what you want to do next.

I know, it’s not only me who suffer from graduation which actually was always our dream since the very first semester of university sucked us. It was so fucking boring and time consuming that all we wait for is graduation, to do what we actually want to do, to travel, to work, to actually learn something practical …and then it happened.

Do you remember the magic moment when finally every class was over and suddenly you feel something really scared is waiting for you out there, in the real world.

And, a big question appear on your mind “what I gonna do?”

Once I asked my friend “Why it is so hard for me to get a job that time?”. He smiled, gently answer me “ Cause actually you don’t want them”.

He was true. I’m struggling to figure what I really want to do that will makes me wake up every morning and so eagle to start working. I will never be tired of doing that job and I will grow my intuition and I will contribute all of my values to this world. And there’s still nothing that makes me excited except for writing and doing yoga or running.

However, I still sent at least 10 applications in the last 2 months. And I waited. And I checked emails everyday. I got some interviews. But then, nothing happened. Something was wrong.

There was some jobs I could take that may be dreams of some people like working for an international hotels in HCMC or joining a start-up team in PQ island. But unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I didn’t accept the job offer nor felt regretful about them. I felt fucking blank.

And I still felt blank now though tomorrow I got an interview for a job that seems to be my dream job. But I’m thinking I was wrong. I spent this early morning to jog around my favorite park and tried to think about that job. I was afraid of being mistaken by my own illusion. Because in reality, there’s no perfect job. There’s always cost and benefit and we have to trade off to do what we love.

Should I just go for it and make it become my dream job? Is this such a popular advice on Medium and several self-help books? LOL. I never believe in it but who knows? Let’s check that philosophy.

I know I can do it. I know it may work. I’ll work for it until my energy all gone. I have one year to check and let’s see. Просто подождите (Nu-pa-ka-chi).

Please wish me luck

Thank you for reading me