I don’t like networking, I prefer net-heart-ing

What is the net-heart-ing? Ok, don’t panic. It’s just a word I created yesterday when I thought about relationship between us — human beings, which is quite opposite with networking.

Net-heart-ing for me is a connection with what makes me love. It may be a person or an activity, an organization or a jungle, a trip or a book etc, whatever makes my heart falls for. Or a wild flower? It’s up to you my friends (By the way I highly recommend wild flower if you start to like net-heart-ing LOL)

Networking makes me tired. I don’t like that guy, but he is a manager of a big company which may help me in my future career, so, ask for his contact, like his facebook posts, talk with him etc. If you are in Vietnam, money hiding in presents given on some special occasion is another way to network. That sucks. And it’s just a very very simple example of networking. What about networking by coffee talking (bonus some flirty words or even touching, who knows what else), coffee meeting, beer and wine, bars and clubs etc. Ok, I’m not so objective about that. But I don’t like networking, in these ways I mentioned above. I would prefer some below.

I would love to “network” with people who can teach me valuable lessons that I can never find in books or university, people who give me positive energy instead of desire for their success and glamour life, people who encourage me to do what I believe in or people who show me life is simple, so just enjoy it. Normally, they are at least 10 years older than me but I prefer 20 years older or more. They are my grandparents, my father, my uncle and aunt, some old people I meet everyday, or even a beggar in Cho Lon market, a farmer, a friend of my father, a taxi driver, a cleaner, a manager (sadly, they rarely have time), a psychologist. I always want to talk to them more and more about life.

Let’s focus on net-heart-ing.

Call your family more often.

Spend more time on reading.

Chill with your best friends.

Buy some flowers. Plant some.

or just keep being silent, connect with your heart, be mindful about yourself. Recently I tried “the vow to silence” for a day. A day without any words came out from my mouth: no voice. I still went coffee, still bought stuff, still worked but no voice. It was fun. Everything I felt became more intense.

I love net-heart-ing.

Thanks for reading me, my friends. I love you.

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