How To Increase Hamstring Flexibility Instantly — Fascial Release

We’ve prepared another video that will be beneficial on your back. Even when you have lower back pain, headaches or neck pain this simple exercise is perfect for you. Watch the full video below.

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Here’s a transcription:

Hi, I’m Clancy from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, I’m going to show you the right way to increase your hamstring flexibility.

Now we really came to show you this foot spa treats because we have so many clients want to do this and hamstring flexibility has increased dramatically.

So what we’ve been telling them to do is pop the foot bar around in the bathroom and each time you brush your teeth you’ll going to do this fascial release.

So placing the foot bar on the ground you simply start up both on your feet and walk yourself forward, so you are working through your foot, holding in its spot for a quite time, so you walk away all through back to your heel and walk away back again.

Super simple but what this is doing is releasing the line of fascial that’s stuck in your big toe, runs at the back of your leg, back of the spine, and up to the neck and releases quite fascial and can really impact your back.

Hamstring flexibility even cures lower back pain, headaches, so really important to do and super simple.


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