How To Tone Your Outer Thighs & Gluteals

In this video, we wanted to show you an easy way of toning outer thighs and gluteals at the comfort of your own home. Even when you’ve decided to stay at home today and do your Pilates exercise, here’s a great video we’ve made perfectly for you.

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Here’s a transcription:

Hi, I’m Clancy from Inner Strength Pilates and Barre, and I’m going to show you great exercise you can do easily at home to tone your outer thighs and gluteals.

So lying on your side, here’s your hand onto your head, bring your knees together slightly in front of you and your feet in line with your bottom, now you squeeze out toward the ceiling keep your hip tuck the whole time, 8 of this, up and down, 4 to go, 4, 3, 2.

Now stay up and hold set back we’ll go 4 counts of pulses, 3, 2, now bring your knee down, next we’re going to drop your knees, keep your feet where they are, now you’re going to go from here, squeezing out, squeeze, keeping those hip tuck remember, squeezing that knee as far as you can, 4 to go, 4, 3, 2.

Now on the last one keep it back, now you’re going to extend the foot and bring it back, extend, bring it back, extend, bring it back, out and in 4 more, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Now you’re going to bring your leg keep high and just keep that burn going, we’re going to finish up with little circles, we’ll go 30 in each direction and around the other way.

You want to keep up your knee looking towards the ground and relax, and you go, repeat that on the other side.


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