What Glossier can teach us about branding.

By Jimena Zazueta

If you are obsessed with beauty you have obviously heard or read about Glossier by now, if not, welcome to the land of millenial pink and dewy skin. Back in 2014, founder and CEO Emily Weiss turned her beauty blog Into The Gloss determined to share products that met her reader´s wishes, and the rest is pure genius. Glossier has become a success story not only the beauty industry should be following, if you have any kind of brand you can probably learn a thing or two from them.

Aside from their innovative beauty products that cater to the “less is more” kind of gal, their aesthetically pleasing look and customer feedback ridden vision have taken them to “cult status”. Now you´re wondering what the big deal is behind some selling lip balm and brow gel, so let’s talk about what this beauty brand is doing so well.


Glossier Canyon

Effortless and cool. That´s it, this is basically the whole brand defined in two words; but the key is how they use this philosophy in everything they do. Just look at their showrooms, all their products are laid out for testing, even facial cleansers and their spaces are top to bottom millenial pink. The Glossier Canyon, one of their two permanent showrooms based on the California “feels”, features a one of a kind room designed as a replica of The Grand Canyon´s walls where you can go in and take a selfie on a mirror with a G on it.

LA Showroom

While Glossier is still an online only brand, their website is so visually appealing you can´t stop looking, add the authentic product descriptions and information about the brand in every corner of their page and you will feel immediately connected. Also the Into the Gloss the blog that started it all, is still running and serves as the perfect spot to get to know even more about the brand´s vision. All this extends to the very moment you get your purchase in the mail receiving your new beauty products in the iconic pink bubble wrap pouch along with cute stickers and postcards.


If you log on to their website and click the about section you can read how Glossier is centered completely around the customer and how much they value reviews and opinions, naming their customers as their own “beauty editors” using their feedback to create the products they want. The brand is very focused on building community, creating conversations with their audience not only helps them develop new products but also to share their unique approach to beauty through them. You can see them replying constantly on everything tagged @glossier or replying to the comment section in their blog.


Instagram feed

Commonly referred to the brand for the age of Instagram, their perfectly curated profile just gets the “cool” girls of social media. Think millenial pink, floral arrangements, artistic product swatches and customers´ selfies using their makeup; their approach via Instagram is what ends up getting most of their audience excited about the brand overall. Their use of influencers is kept to a minimum only focusing on those who truly love their products, making their audience the main ambassador for their “skin first, makeup second” brand.

All in all, this brand is the perfect example of why putting the consumer first is the way to go, top that with creating the perfect Instagram profile and you´ve got the modern day brand model. The sense of community is what brings target audiences in on a brand and turns them into loyal customers, working on building a following is not just the focus social media should be used for, instead it should be a gateway to listen what people expect from you and deliver in the most “insta worthy” way possible.

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