I feel totally tired and even exausted of all the liturgies, inspiration cards parties, lesson, being in time, etc. I try with the last stregth to find some motivation, but I can’t do it, because everything annoys me.

Fortunately, I fall back to sign up evening tutoring. Frankly speaking, Caroline inspired me to study and work hard. She is really good person and she found appropriate words to support and cheer me up.

Our today lessons were interesting too. At first we were applying to the job of circus acrobat. It was unusual and funny. After that we were watching TED Talk of James Veitch about replying to spam emails and it was useful to me. I got how the speaker should keep the audience's attention, should establish himself/herself as an expert. I noticed what ethos and pathos are and how they are important to everyone, who wants to be a good speaker. James Veitch is self-confident, emotional, open-minded. It was really usefull to watch the Talk, because we could learn actors skill from the speaker.

We also were watching TED presentation of Ken Robinson about escaping education's death valley. The man was speaking about the difference between

In a nutshell, this day was useful to my self-development, but anyway I feel very tired of all these tasks.

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