I'm crazy about my elective course. At first, Melinda Dewitt is a great person. She tought us how to analyze different photos and to make people's emotions and feelings out. I really like it, because it helps me to understand not only other people, but also myself.

Secondly, our project is one of the best thing of the ESS. The course gives us a possibility to communicate with people that we meet everyday at university. When we started to speak with a person that we has known and asked them different unusual questions, their reaction is unusual too. At first, they don't want to answer the questions, but when I tell them my own stories they become more open-minded. It's a great experience of communication with my peers, teachers and people at all.

Thanks to our project "Humans of ESS" I understood that we’re a great community. It doesn’t matter who we are or where are we from. We are different, but we’re together now, so we’re a great power and it is really important, isn’t it?

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