I Write This Now: Humanity & Injustice

There is real pain and suffering in this world. But you might not know it because you don’t care or because you have been trained to not care. You might not think twice about a prisoner in Guantanamo named Mohammad Bwazir who declined to leave the infamous prison because he didn’t want to go to a third country where he had no ties. You won’t think twice about Nabila Rehman, a 9 year old girl who lost her grandmother in a drone strike. It won’t phase you that Tamir Rice, a 12 year old Black boy was shot and killed by the police. And you won’t think of countless others who have been arbitrarily arrested, detained, and tortured, because at the end of the day, their lives are inconsequential and meaningless.

When we choose to ignore such suffering, we are choosing to absolve ourselves of responsibility. We become focused only on our own families, communities and nations, while denying our responsibility to our fellow human beings. We do this without considering how our actions will multiply; our ability to ignore a person on the street facing homelessness isn’t insignificant. Its this behavior performed a hundred, thousand, and million times over that leads to the worldwide hunger and poverty crisis. We do this forgetting that every human being as the same beginning and end; birth and death. We do this forgetting that we can coexist with conflict, but without mass violence and genocide.

With this in mind, I write this knowing that I’m appealing to morality and justice. I write this believing that maybe we can go back to our early selves and think of the times where hurting others was wrong. I write this knowing that justice for most will never come. I write this knowing that each day I wake up, state violence has taken another person of color down just for existing. I write this knowing that liberation may come, but it won’t come any time soon. I write this knowing that the “crises” we’ve identified such as poverty and climate change earned that label because we fail to see the real and intentional power; power that creates these problems and then calls for “change.”

I write this because the injustice in this world is too much to bear. I write this now hoping that a single person will think about another’s pain and seek to remedy it. I write this now, hoping that tomorrow, there will be less cruelty and more beauty. I write this now because if not now, when?

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