Standing desks vs sitting: why sitting ISN’T slowly killing you
Aytekin Tank

Standing desks are the best for me. First, I’m 6' 5" and slouching is a norm for me and it is not a good one. No sitting desk solution has encouraged me to stand up straight like a standing desk does. Second, I’m 280 lbs or more and I go through office chairs quickly, even those rated for big and tall. Third, I would commute 40–60 minutes per day sitting, sit at my desk, sit in meetings, sit at lunch, sit during the commute home, sit at dinner, and then go to sleep exhaust, with no time for a work out. A standing desk was my way of staying in shape, since my body had more than enough time for sitting.

It also improved my back.

I got a yoga block to balance during the work day which would increase my calf strength.

People also felt that I was more welcoming to visitors in my office because I was already standing to great them and I would have more meaningful conversations, than reclining back in my chair.

There are many other benefits I found and enjoyed. Now I’m a consultant and I move around a lot more and have time to go to the gym. Though I do intend to have a standing desk someday at my home office.

Standing desks are not a fad. It’s an option, which is suited for some and not others.

There are definite health benefits, especially if you were like me spending the day sitting.