The “Native mobile apps vs. Web apps” argument has a long history and is generally a heated debate. It’s definitely a divisive topic — but why does it matter and how should we choose between them? Do we really need to choose at all?

From an engineering point of view, a web app is an application that runs in the clients’ browser while a native app runs directly on the users’ device. At first glance it might not seem to make a huge difference, but it definitely does.

People tend to think of a mobile device as a computer shrunk…

While nearly everyone in the industry is struggling with shipping high quality software on time, some seem to produce exceptional quality effortlessly. Like it was their supernatural ability; like they were unable to make mistakes. Surprisingly they really can’t. Here’s why.

When talking about software quality, everybody’s talking about the quality of an end-product and seems to forget about the process beneath. And because the product created is only a print of the underlying process that created it, it is much more important to have a constant high quality process than a one-time high quality product. …

on SOLID fundamentals

Writing high quality software is a hard task, period. Here’s how five simple principles can improve your code quality drastically.

As the project deadline draws near, the temptation of violating well-known principles and self-created rules arise. It’s even worse if you’re not even aware of these violations and you’re happily creating your classes with confidence, not noticing the code smell generated.

As we all know by experience however, we’re paying a huge price for these violations on the long run as the maintainability of our product decreases heavily every time we integrate a suboptimal design or solution. …


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