6 Health Apps to Watch

This is my round up of health apps to watch in 2016 and beyond.

Dr. Now is a UK-based health app that puts a doctor in your pocket and provides pharmacy deliveries to your current location. The app is perfect for digital nomads.

Babylon Health is a UK/Ireland-based app which allows patients to receive doctor consultations through telehealth technologies.

DrOnDemand is a San Francisco-based company that provides a telehealth app allowing patients to see a doctor or psychologist.

B.wom specializes in women’s pelvic health. The app is available in multiple languages in order to give better access to various populations.

MedicSen is a diabetes mellitus health app to log daily, weekly and monthly blood sugar checks, meals, insulin, and exercise. The company behind the app is in the process of developing an artificial pancreas.

Paris-based Withings is a watch tracker, wireless blood pressure cuff, and scale to manage a healthy lifestyle at home.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

Research, thoughts, and opinions are my own. Further references can be found on my professional websites ammende.info and innonurse.info.

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