My Path to Remote Work

A few years ago, I was working ‘’on the floor’’

A few years ago, I decided to leave my trauma nurse position at a hospital on the US west coast to work remotely and attend graduate school at the same time. I knew it was possible but was no step-by-step process to make this a reality. I spent a year attending conferences and researching online.

One day I went to a Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference and in the symposium, a nurse spoke and gave an engaging presentation. She worked for an insurance company which had an available remote nurse case management position and a good work-life balance philosophy. I was accepted into a great university and so my adventure began with a new nursing role and graduate studies … both remote.

Remote work: a drastic change

There are some challenges to remote work like setting up your equipment on your own. You are offered guidance but ultimately you have to be a self-starter. It is a transition going from a large busy trauma room with all the loud noise to sitting quietly at your desk.

The benefits of having the time to think, understand, and study without the pressure of being someone’s lifeline is a cathartic change. I was able to learn a new position and apply my knowledge as it matched with my graduate courses from week to week.

Looking ahead

I really have enjoyed this change in lifestyle but remote work is not for everyone, some people need to be physically around other people (hence the rising popularity of coworking space which cater to remote and mobile professionals).

This just one path, one story. What is yours?

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This article was originally published on LinkedIn.