Well, you might have heard about INNOU by now, however there is so much more to discover than what you already know.
This is where I come into play. And my articles;) and you, of course!

To kick it off like Beckham: INNOU is a digital ecosystem aiming to become the world’s first decentralized multimedia marketplace. How? INNOU integrates modern blockchain technologies to have a positive impact on nature and sustainability and plans on building bridges between fiat money and crypto currencies. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?
Still the question of “how” seems to remain unanswered.

First of all, INNOU is…

We know, that you know — the world will need INNOU #WTE

Liebe Community,

Damit Ihr noch tiefer in unser Projekt eintauchen könnt, gibts ab jetzt auch Blog Artikel auf deutsch. Juchuuuuu!
In den vorigen Artikeln drehte sich alles rund um das INNOU Game, die damit einhergehende Mission Bäume zu pflanzen und warum wir uns hierfür der Blockchain Technologie bedienen. Ja, das ist großartig!
Ja, das INNOU Game ist superunterhaltsam und Ja, ihr könnt mit dem Spiel echte Crypto Currencies erspieln und sowohl nachhaltige Preise als auch Gutscheine jagen.
Ja, wir meinen es tot ernst, wenn wir sagen, wir wollen einen…

What the Earth is this?

No worries — it’s nothing exhausting and nothing too time consuming — but it probably is the absolute easiest way to get Token. FOR FREE!

Let me give you an insight:
The basic investment would look like this:
John buys 1 INNOU Token. In order to do so, he pays 0,0001 ETH.
During or after the official INNOU ICO/IEO (after we are being listed on an official exchange market) John wants to sell his INNOU Token again. John has to sit down and take a deep breath. He just realized that the value of his Token has…

What is a Pre-ICO or Token Pre-Sale?
Get all the infos about the INNOU official Pre-ICO right here (PART2):

In the last article “WHERE THE #WTE-REVOLUTION STARTS (Part1) I gave you an insight on the start of Innou´s official Pre-Token-Sale.
Well, the Pre-ICO is open to the public now, the INNOU team is on fire and has already attracted some attention in the Crypto world.
To dive deeper, I will provide you with more information about Pre-ICO´s:

Roll, roll, roll around. Let´s talk about the token.
What is absolutely necessary, is to make sure if the token you are about…

What is a Pre-ICO or Token Pre-Sale?
Get all the infos about the INNOU official Pre-ICO right here (PART1):

Ready to join our revolution?!
As we already stated in previous articles, it is our top priority to give you an insight into our project, our vision, our mission and our approach to accomplish our goals concerning the short- and the long-run.
The big question is how do we realize and finance this project !
Well, to make our dream come true, we start an official Pre-ICO (Pre Initial Coin Offering) — also called Pre-Sale.

A Pre-ICO is a way for…

- without getting your fingers dirty? #WTE

Hi guys, it’s me again — Anna from the INNOU community.
Remember when I asked you to stay tuned for our next article so that you can find out how on earth we managed to figure out a way to plant real trees with the INNOU Game?

Now is the time!

To give you a quick heads-up:

The INNOU Game combines the pressing topic of worldwide nature preservation with the possibilities of modern technology to create a scenario where the player becomes both, the fictional and real savior of our planet.

What exactly did we do? Well, INNOU invented an interactive GPS based mobile…

— What The Earth?!

Hi everybody, hi fellow crypto-community!
Before you start reading this article, I would advise you to take a seat, prepare yourself popcorn and follow me on a journey I would like to call:
“The Journey towards a sustainable future through combining mobile gamification with innovation. “
My mission here is to blow you off your feet with what I am about to share with you. With this being said — welcome, nice to have you on board.

As you can withdraw from the introduction, the nucleus of this article is sustainability, eco-friendliness and initiating the change our planet and our…

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