Wanted New Full-Stack

iNNova ASV
Jun 13, 2017 · 2 min read

iNNova ASV is on the hunt for another full-stack engineer that’s eager to get their hands dirty with Elixir and put their expertise to use building a highly performant, real-time system to create our mobile applications.

We are looking for expertise across web, mobile, APIs and machine-learning. Our technology stack will be focused on Elixir (backend APIs/real-time-communication), Javascript/React Native (mobile app) and Python (data science/machine-learning).

In this role, you will:

  1. Develop RESTFul/GraphQL services
  2. Design and implement advanced algorithms to aid in content discovery and search-ability
  3. From time-to-time get your hands dirty on the front-end

You have many of the following:

  • 1+ years of software engineering experience working on a team
  • Experience with Elixir or another functional language is a huge plus
  • An understanding of functional programming paradigms
  • Experience working with a modern web framework (Phoenix/Rails/Django/Flask/etc.)
  • Experience working with PostgreSQL or related relational databases
  • Experience working with REST/Graph APIs
  • Ability to translate complex algorithms into actual code
  • Familiarity with Docker
  • Broad knowledge of React, Flux and the Javascript ecosystem
  • An unquenchable thirst for learning

A few, final details. You will:

  • Work closely with our data-scientists and business staff through the development process
  • Report directly to our managing director

Who are we?

iNNova ASV is the new Business Models Developer of Grupo ASV. We identify, build and scale new business models in the InsurTech space. We are looking for entrepreneurial spirit in all shapes and forms. Our promise is a unique working environment and a world-class team to launch new projects in less than 6 months from idea to market entry.

Our key benefits are:

- A real team approach in a smart, vibrant working environment with a highly collaborative culture

- A competitive salary from first day of engagement

- Funding based on milestone results for external projects

- The support and participation of experienced senior management

We’re a team that respects and welcomes your opinion, hard work and enthusiastic ideas for changing the Insurance universe.

We’re located in Alicante, Spain.

Want to learn more?

Email: victor@innovaasv.com or juanmi@innovaasv.com

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