The new Product & Service Design Team at Nokia C&NS, Cloud & Network Services, is an interdisciplinary collective that involves diverse creative technologists dedicated to devising ‘Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable’ digital solutions. Admittedly, we are not only passionate about our work, but also proud of making a difference.

Infusing Value

Value creation orients our mindset, which guides our workstyle and organizational culture. Nokia’s QXbD, Quality eXperiences by Design, is a home-grown meta-methodology that defines outcome-oriented practices because we believe that Design Thinking is best informed by ‘intensively doing’ and ‘progressively improving.’

This is why we deploy ‘test-oriented hyper-iterative prototyping’ and process the…

ComSoc CQR 2019 — @ieeecqr #cqr2019

I would first like to thank IEEE CQR , Communications Quality & Reliability, and all participants attending this year’s event for the opportunity to chair the conference’s opening session, which focused on 5G capabilities in the areas of small-cell densification, millimeter wave backhauling, and end-to-end security in multivendor environments.

I am also glad to share that I joined a second executive panel discussion, also on 5G, as one of the three speakers, sharing the stage with Verizon’s Abby Knowles, VP of Network & Technology, and Deutsche Telekom — MobileedgeX’s Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer.

Jose de Francisco

Chief Designer, Nokia C&NS

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