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Sentience in AI refers to the capability of machines to perceive things, to be self-aware, to show emotions, and to communicate with humans.

I came across a certain movie called ‘Outside the Wire’ on Netflix over the weekend and decided to watch it. As it was playing, I could not help but get excited about what I was seeing on my device. It was as if the future was already with us and warfare was on another level. Before you all die of curiosity, let me give my own synopsis of the movie.

The year is 2036. The movie is…

The purpose of this advisory is to assist you in understanding the fundamental changes WhatsApp has updated in its Privacy Policy as part of securing your digital privacy.


Edward Snowden and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO recent tweets “Use Signal” caused a massive number of signups for the alternative app to WhatsApp. This was in response to Mark Zuckerberg’s, Facebook Inc. CEO announcement that WhatsApp, a Facebook subsidiary, would update and change its Terms and Conditions starting February 8, 2021. They have since retracted this date to May 13, 2021.

Does WhatsApp collect information?

Yes, it does collect data from its 2 billion subscribers. There…

A supply chain attack affecting SolarWinds MSP’s remote monitoring and management tool allowed security researchers to steal the administrative credentials of an account holder, according to Huntress Labs.

SolarWinds is a software company based in the United States that aids businesses maintain their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure by offering different solution products.

The beginning….

On 13th December 2020, the company acknowledged a breach had occurred and affected one of their solution products known as Orion. Orion was released between March 2020 and June 2020 is used by private businesses and government organizations to monitor networks for outages. Some of the…

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) provides ways to keep immediately the business operations with the least impact as possible while a Pandemic Preparedness Plan (PPP) is a living document that gives guidance on how an organization is prepared to respond to an acute threat on public health.

Businesses have had a rough start from the beginning of the year, 2020. From Covid-19 to floods to political uncertainty, enterprises have faced several challenges.

During such unanticipated situations, organizations need contingency plans to continue their business operations. Moreover, a Crisis Management Team is needed to build a robust BCP and a PPP…

Metasploit remains one of the most popular tools used in Penetration Testing. It comes pre-installed in Kali Linux, but thanks to the Trustedsecs PenTesters Framework (PTF) project, you can install it on pretty much any Linux distro.

Yay, Trustedsec for the win!

As a Redteamer though, I can no longer rely on its ability to generate FUD (Fully Undetectable) payloads with the dawn of AMSI (Anti Malware Scan Interface), Windows Defender, Antiviruses, etc.

For FUD payloads I decided to check out another tool, Phantom Evasion - a tool developed to generate undetectable payloads with msfvsenom’s payload. This is because ‘Empire’…

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How do you keep information safe

While working from home can help impede the spread of the coronavirus, it has inevitably brought about a number of predictable and unpredictable cyber attacks. For businesses, threat actors can use employees as leeways to breaching their systems. This, in turn, has made it necessary for organizations to put measures in place to protect their sensitive information.

Operational Security (OPSEC) is the practice of protecting pivotal information that can be used against the organization. OPSEC focuses on putting preventative measures in place to protect information from access by adversaries. …

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to obtain one’s information by someone posing as a legitimate source. It is an attempt to dupe one into providing sensitive information such as banking and credit card details, usernames and or passwords among others.

Other than spear phishing where only a specific individual is targeted, most phishing campaigns are done in bulk and one only needs a response from one user for the campaign to be successful. It is particularly of great concern during the holiday season when most are shopping online and more so during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Consequences to phishing include…

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The field of cyber security is one that keeps evolving. This evolution is constantly being led by the concurrent major leaps in information systems.
The trend over the past several decades has been the digitization of almost every analogue system. Most of this is in an effort to simplify our daily lives and enhance efficiency and productivity through automation. The digital world manages both simple and complex, mundane and critical tasks.

From smart coffee makers to industrial monitoring systems, everything is being digitized. What this does is continually put information about individuals and corporate entities in digital systems often connected…

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