Dry Cleaning Industry hasn't been disrupted for ages. Its high time. Welcome Swash


Its high time the dry cleaning industry got disrupted for good. Welcome Swash. Its supposed to be 500 USD per machine, and the service model like that of printer cartridges, keep filling them; great business model for the likes of P&G. Wall Street Journal states that “ While the Frenchman credited with inventing dry cleaning started with turpentine, perc has been used since the 1930s’s to clean clothes, and about 80% of cleaners still rely on it. Like turpentine — and benzene, kerosene and gasoline, which were also tried in the early years — perc is good at dissolving oil-based stains”. And by 2020 perc has to be replaced according to new lays. The effectiveness and mass adoption is yet to be seen. But here is some food for thought . Will households buy a personal/second dry cleaner ? What would be the annual cost ?. Only time will tell. But SWASH may turn out to be UBER of tomorrow ?

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