Are You Online or Offline After Work?


The market for the smartphone has been growing ever since the introduction of the IPhone 10 years ago. The smartphone was originally set up as an add-on to already common use of email, phone and SMS possibilities existing on the mobile phones. Currently it is no longer an add-on, it has become a necessity for many people.

Of course there is a difference in use per user but also in the way the user uses the smartphone: for work or personal use? May be I should not say “of course”, because for many of you these two uses are blended. Which in effect means that the line between work and personal life which used to be quite separate has now become a grey area.

When you left the office less than 15 years ago and stepped over entrance of your home your personal life began. Now you are taking your office with you in your pocket. And not only that your friends, acquaintances, family also become part of your family life. They already were of course but not as frequent as now. For instance, things which you wanted to keep quiet or tell in your own time are now shared immediately with all.

How many of you check your email before you go to sleep? Or Facebook, Snapchat and other apps? How many of you watch TV on it? Or use it during dinner?

I can count the number of couples who are at a restaurant having dinner not with each other but with their smartphone. It is a rough guess, but it is definitely more than 60 % including counting the number of times the smartphone comes to the table when your partner goes to the toilet… you don’t want to get bored of course or be seen sitting at the table alone…people may think you are a sad case….

1 January 2017: A French Act gives employees the right to be offline after work hours.

You may think what you like to think about this French Act, but I believe it is a step in the right direction.

Personally I am really glad that I never got a phone from my boss. I know for sure colleagues have installed their business email on the personal phone.

I have not.

Of course this is a personal choice. When I leave the office I want to be offline from work.

But when you have phone from the boss it is less easy to make such a choice. Often the employer makes this choice for you with the result you ending up checking your business email after work.

Some of you may argue this is not so bad. Your partner however may disagree.

Moreover, people are curious by nature, they are news gluttons. So when that phone beeps, rings, or whatever it does to draw your attention, you are by nature enticed to have a look.

The question is how far this French Act will be able to influence the already common behavior. But at least now a Frenchman has the choice to be online or offline.

You still haven’t or have you?