Key Takeaways from the Lean Startup Vegas Conference 2018

Winning a ticket !

October 2017: I attended an online meetup organized by Lean Startup Co. and Amplitude. What I did not know is that you could win a prize when actively participating. So me being me I asked questions through IM using metaphors of HIPPOS for the Global innovators within corporate companies. Basically saying that they are always drawn back into the mud by the slow corporate organization whereas they need to be enabled to get out of the mud pool to get their feet wet. Innovation needs speed not slackness. That won me a ticket to the Lean startup conference 2018 in Las Vegas! For which I’d like to thank Sara Bovagnet.

Pivot or not?

April 2018: Eric Ries’s second book The Startup Way appears which in itself is a pivot away from The Lean Startup. It is still important to Think Big, Start Small and Move Fast via the Build Measure Learn Loop as do startups. But it is equally important to Seek Impact. Which in effect means act as a startup in your innovation tracks but don’t forget about your corporate’s values. For many corporates these have existed for years and you cannot do without them. Therefore it is equally important to integrate the startup way of thinking with your innate corporate values, processes and organization. This involves a lot of change management too which means pivoting in a BIG way.

Lean Startup EMEA was organized for the first time in Europe, Amsterdam. Such a great conference where over 1 thousand corporate innovators, consultants and startups attended. A buzz of excitement and creativity which echoes the ripples in the mud pool of the corporate landscape created by the Lean Startup.

Yes Pivot!

November 2018: Lean Startup in Las Vegas. For the first time in 10 years the conference does not take place in San Francisco. The organizational team has been split up into the Lean Startup EMEA team and an almost whole new team for Lean Startup USA. It is also a smaller set up than in earlier years. About 500 attendees consisting mostly of consultants and corporate innovators and some startups. Location is Zappos by Tony Hsieh. It’s less of a creativity buzz as in Amsterdam, but the conference has a freshness about it, a let’s say Startup Anew feeling. You can definitely say that the Lean Startup Co. organization and conference is currently pivoting.

Key Takeaways

Get your value proposition right

Before ever starting on an ideation track make sure that you get your value proposition right and that the team agrees on it.

Identify your customer

Work backwards to identify the customer. Without a clear view of who your customer is it will not be possible to validate your value proposition.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

How can I learn as just as much, if not more, with half the time and effort?

Make sure you always experiment in your innovation tracks. You cannot do without as you most likely end up with a product which customers don’t want.

Get feedback from your customer

Without the essential feedback from your customer, you might as well not do any experimentation. Feedback will make you pivot and pivot and pivot until you get it right or fail.

Have fun!

You can be serious about innovation all the time but don’t forget to have fun too. Introducing some fun brings back your buzz!

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