These are difficult times for all businesses, big and small. However smaller businesses have much less money means to survive than bigger companies. But it will not surprise me if they do survive as they have shown a huge flexibility and creativity.

Schools, restaurants, theatres, gyms, hairdressers and many other smaller companies have had to close their doors due to the fact that they cannot guarantee the 1.5 m social distance or fall within the prohibition to gather with a group of more than 2 people.

Actually I have been amazed at the creativity and flexibility of all:

The last half year I have been working on a project called ‘Flamingo’. This is a kind of fun project code we use as long as the actual product name is not yet chosen.

This really helps internal communication to make sure everyone knows what your talking about and you are on the same page.

First 4–5 months: looking for the right fish

Every year the Metropole Orkest celebrates ‘Friends Day’. Paying tribute to all of you who support the orchestra in one way or another.

This year the event took place at Meervaart Theater in Amsterdam on Saturday 23 November.

We were able to have a look behind the scenes before Metropole Orkest performed with Cory Wong that evening.

Here’s visual impression of that day with a focus on all of the staff, volunteers and friends who made this all possible.

Organizer of the day: Caryanne Booster

Last Tuesday I attended a round table where digital managers of various companies like Ordina, Eneco, NS, Motiv and the Ministry of Economic Affairs gathered at ICT Media. The subject for discussion was “On the edge: chances and risks in a hyper-connected world”. The round table was hosted by Lies Alderlieste-de Wit and Bastiaan Bakker who presented their NS (Dutch Railways) case.

What is the NS (Dutch Railways) case?

The NS case focused on two questions: how do we implement a security plan and what model should we choose? NS seems to have simple KPIs: trains must run and trains…

The current Dutch television broadcasters are under high pressure to implement changes. Go digital, get influencers in, but keep quality content.

Why? Because they lose the connection with their younger audiences (❤0 years) which is moving to online platforms like Youtube and Netflix. Moreover, politics is also pressing for change although that is more focused on cost savings and content per channel rather than the audience.

Now their current business models are still focused on their core medium which is offering content through TV channels. They do digital or online next to this. KPN for instance offers in their “one…

Your two choices for setting a strategy

I have a broad range of interests, two of those being innovation and figure skating. With regards to innovation I followed an inspiring workshop by Paul Bessems on how you can use blockchain organization to set up a new innovative strategy for your company. And just today I liked a posted story by the new Canadian National figure skating champion Andrew Poje where he mentioned you must reinvent yourself or otherwise, you’ll be outcompeted.

But what do these two interests have in common you may ask?

Well, both involve a high sense of…

Originally published at on December 22, 2018 through this link

Interview: Christel Don, Photography: Frank Poppelaars.
Production: Hike One.
This article is also available in Dutch.

This is the seventh in a series of interviews with innovation managers in Dutch corporates. Follow the Hacking Innovation publication and stay up to date.

I devoured books from a very young age, says Kirsten van Engelenburg (45), Manager Online Product Innovation at Wolters Kluwer, Legal & Regulatory International Group. “Historical romance, science fiction, nature, technology. I read everything.” Her father, a statistician, encouraged her love of books even more by giving…

Winning a ticket !

October 2017: I attended an online meetup organized by Lean Startup Co. and Amplitude. What I did not know is that you could win a prize when actively participating. So me being me I asked questions through IM using metaphors of HIPPOS for the Global innovators within corporate companies. Basically saying that they are always drawn back into the mud by the slow corporate organization whereas they need to be enabled to get out of the mud pool to get their feet wet. Innovation needs speed not slackness. That won me a ticket to the Lean…

It’s been a rollercoaster lately. A good one though!


Because I have been working with Nehal Madhani, Hannah Samendinger and Amit Alagh, on closing a partnership between Wolters Kluwer International Group with AltLegal.

I have been fully involved in this since the start in June 2018 as technical product manager.

What but you’re a manager online product innovation?

Well, the International Group is a small business unit within Wolters Kluwer consisting of about 40 people. That means that you have several caps on and have to move outside your comfortzone.

I am very much used to working as project…

I have been involved in innovation for about 10 years now. I have seen innovation tracks grow, falter, die over the years. There are so many factors which can influence why innovation does not get the right amount of time or attention it needs to grow.

What have type of innovation projects have I seen (most of which I was involved in) which did not make it?

1. Ideation startup: a small internal team starts up to identify a tool for ideation, create a process and organization around the tool

2. Innovation campaign: based on a common theme, say Mobile…

Kirsten van Engelenburg

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