Stream Sage gets 1,9M USD to boost content engagement

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3 min readJul 8, 2022

We are super thrilled to share information about Stream Sage’s $1,9 million investment round led by Acrobator VC and Innovation Nest.

Stream Sage enables content creators to thrive by helping them to deeply understand, connect and engage with their audiences. Their first step is to make eCommerce shops’ content shoppable. The growing live shopping market offers ideal opportunities for product development, yet this is only the first “why” we invest in Stream Sage.

Reasons why we invested in Stream Sage:

1. Our connection with the team

We have known Błażej Wojtyła, CEO of Stream Sage and their tech team for 10 years. Our relationship started when they participated in the SPIN (Entrepreneurship School by Innovation Nest) workshops as Jazzy Innovations — young talented IT professionals. Since then we were in touch and waiting for them to create a product company.

During their day-to-day work, they had a chance to meet Wilson Hunter, who was a professional Magic The Gathering player. Wilson brings the Collectable Card Games industry insights and connections. It was a huge value add for an already strong team full of experts, and another “yes” for future investment.

2. Live shopping market

Live shopping is a perfect example of how to bring the aged old practice into modern times. The highly engaging experience gives sellers the ability to showcase their products and customers can buy them in real-time. It gives the seller possibility to generate massive sales and build brand awareness thanks to having their target audience right in front of them during the live stream.

The growth rate of the live shopping market in China is expected to reach $480 billion dollars in just one country, where two out of three customers claimed to have shopped via live stream. This trend spreads to other countries which are within the scope of Stream Sage operation.

3. Strong Data Aspect that leads to the possibility of predictions

Stream Sage answers the need of having insight into the video streaming platforms. It captures user behavior, what the user does when watching the stream and what it means for the seller.

The company has proven its value in AI technology by predicting the price of the Magic of Gathering Collectable Cards.

4. Megatrends

Stream Sage combines a couple of mega trends in its business model:

  • Streaming — Delivers real-time content to the viewer via multiple streaming platforms, etc. YouTube, Twitch. The simplicity of using the necessary tools, production, content creation, and finally monetization allows many people to begin the adventure of streaming. The market growth is supported by the rising popularity of esports and video games. It is expected that the optimization of network bandwidth and modern technology will create more opportunities for businesses.
  • Ecommerce — The total size of the global B2C e-commerce market has been valued at USD 3.86 trillion by 2021. The proliferation of digital technology, globalization of business, improved logistics infrastructure, and improved telecommunication and IT infrastructure are some of the significant factors that have accelerated the growth of the global B2C e-commerce market. The increasing use of smartphones, growing demand for convenient shopping, availability of almost all products from all brands on e-commerce platforms, and growing penetration of various e-commerce platforms across the globe are contributing to the market growth.
  • Live shopping — Gives consumers the ability to buy “in real-time” while watching products modeled or advertised by sellers and, importantly, influencers, via live stream. As this trend matures, it is becoming an increasingly useful tool to help consumers and sellers increase e-commerce penetration as customers seek more seamless and engaging shopping experiences.

Stream Sage is a perfect example of a startup that ticks the most important boxes for us. Phenomenal, passionate team, building top-notch technology in a very interesting industry.

If you’d like to learn more about their journey Matt recorded a podcast with Blazej and Wilson a while ago:



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