Stream Sage gets 1,9M USD to boost content engagement

Reasons why we invested in Stream Sage:

1. Our connection with the team

2. Live shopping market

3. Strong Data Aspect that leads to the possibility of predictions

4. Megatrends

  • Streaming — Delivers real-time content to the viewer via multiple streaming platforms, etc. YouTube, Twitch. The simplicity of using the necessary tools, production, content creation, and finally monetization allows many people to begin the adventure of streaming. The market growth is supported by the rising popularity of esports and video games. It is expected that the optimization of network bandwidth and modern technology will create more opportunities for businesses.
  • Ecommerce — The total size of the global B2C e-commerce market has been valued at USD 3.86 trillion by 2021. The proliferation of digital technology, globalization of business, improved logistics infrastructure, and improved telecommunication and IT infrastructure are some of the significant factors that have accelerated the growth of the global B2C e-commerce market. The increasing use of smartphones, growing demand for convenient shopping, availability of almost all products from all brands on e-commerce platforms, and growing penetration of various e-commerce platforms across the globe are contributing to the market growth.
  • Live shopping — Gives consumers the ability to buy “in real-time” while watching products modeled or advertised by sellers and, importantly, influencers, via live stream. As this trend matures, it is becoming an increasingly useful tool to help consumers and sellers increase e-commerce penetration as customers seek more seamless and engaging shopping experiences.



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