The Top 5 Innovation Topics of 2019 from Innovation Roundtable® Events

Innovation Roundtable®
Aug 22 · 12 min read
Roundtable discussions at the workshops hosted by IBM in Milan

1 • Employee Centricity

Taylor Shinn (Baker Hughes) — Workshop at Baker Hughes, London

Taylor Shinn, Baker Hughes

Doug Munk (Nestlé) — Workshop at Gore, Newark Delaware

Doug Munk, Nestlé

Chris Brauer (Goldsmiths Univ.) — Workshop at Allianz, Berlin

Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation, Institute of Management Studies, Goldsmiths University of London

Linda Thackeray (Microsoft) — Workshop at Facebook, Chicago

Linda Thackeray, Microsoft

2 • Innovation Culture

Uwe Kirschner (Bosch) — Workshop at Airbus, Toulouse

Uwe Kirschner, Bosch

Eik Thyrsted Brandsgård (LEGO) — Workshop at Philips, Amsterdam

Eik Thyrsted Brandsgård, LEGO

Sophie Seiwald ( — Workshop at Bosch, Stuttgart

Sophie Seiwald,

Hendrik Esser (Ericsson) — Workshop at Bosch, Stuttgart

Hendrik Esser, Ericsson

3 • Rapid Prototyping

Fredrik Östbye (Grundfos) — Workshop at Airbus, Toulouse

Fredrik Östbye, Grundfos

Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux (Solvay) — Workshop at Philips, Amsterdam

Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Solvay

Mark Randall (Kikcbox Found.) — Workshop at Facebook, Chicago

Mark Randall, Kickbox Foundation

4 • Digital Transformation

Katja Joseph (Schaeffler) — Workshop at Allianz, Berlin

Katja Jospeh, Schaeffler

Nicolas Van Zeebroeck (Solvay Brussels School) — Workshop at Bosch, Stuttgart

Nicolas Van Zeebroeck, Solvay Brussels School

Hartmut Mai (Allianz) — Workshop at Allianz, Berlin

Hartmut Mai, Allianz

Alireza Tavakoli (thyssenkrupp) — Workshop at Allianz, Berlin

Alireza Tavakoli, ThyssenKrupp

5 • Ecosystem and Startup Collaboration

Olivier Delabroy (Air Liquide) — Workshop at Allianz, Berlin

Olivier Delabroy, Air Liquide

Tammy Butterworth (PepsiCo) — Workshop at Facebook, Chicago

Tammy Butterworth, PepsiCo

Peter Osborne (Philips) — Workshop at Facebook, Chicago

Peter Osborne, Philips HealthWorks

Serge Hermans (Philips) — Workshop at Philips, Amsterdam

Serge Hermans, Philips

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